Frequently Asked Question on Travelling Allowance, Daily Allowance, Leave Travel Concession, Children Education Allowance, General Provident Fund and Establishment Matters published by Principal Controller of Defence Accounts(R&D), New Delhi are useful to clear doubts.


Q. What is the quantum of encashment of leave on LTC?
Ans. While availing LTC, Government servants can encash 10 days EL at a time subject to maximum of 60 days during entire service.

Q. Whether encashment can be availed during Casual Leave?
Ans. Yes.

Q. Whether Air Tickets can be booked through private agents on TA/DA&LTC
Ans. No, as per para 3(viii) of MOF, Dept. of Exp. OM No. 19024/1/E-IV/2005 dt. 24.3.06 wherever officer seeks to utilize the service of travel agents, it should be limited to M/s Balmer Lawrie & Com. and M/s Ashoka Tours & Travels.

Q.  Whether  the  services  of  other  Air  lines  can  be  availed  during  TA/DA&LTC,  where  the stations are not connected by Air India.
Ans. For travel to stations not connected by Air India the officials may travel by Air India to the point closest to their eventual destination, beyond which they may utilize the services of another airlines.

Q. What is the minimum service for availing LTC?
Ans: Government servant who have completed one year of continuous service on the date of journey can avail this concession.

Q. Whether LTC can be availed during week-end or holidays alone?
Ans: No, the concession can be availed during regular/casual/special casual leave or vacation.

Q. When both husband and wife are government servants, can they declare separate home town independently?
Ans: Yes.

Q. Whether a Government employee can travel by longer route?
Ans: Yes, however reimbursement for his/her journey will be restricted to shortest direct route.

Q. Whether LTC can be availed during study leave?
Ans: Yes, however reimbursement of fare should be restricted to the fare admissible for travel between  his  headquarters  station  to  any  place  in  India/home  town  or  actual  expenditure, whichever is less.

Q. Whether LTC can be availed under suspension?
Ans: No, Government servant under suspension cannot avail of LTC as he/she cannot get any leave including casual leave during the period of suspension; however his family is entitled to LTC.

Q. What is the entitlement of fresh recruits?
Ans: Fresh recruits of Central government may be allowed to travel to their home town with their families on three occasions in a block of four years and to any place in India on the fourth occasion. This facility shall be available to the Government officers only for the first two blocks of four years applicable after joining the Government for the first time. The blocks of 4 years shall apply with reference to the initial date of joining the Government even though the employee changes the job within Government subsequently. The existing blocks will remain the same but the entitlements of the new recruit will be different in the first eight years of service.

Q. Whether a Government servant appointed before 23-09-2008 but not completed first eight years of service is eligible for four LTC as mentioned in VI CPC?
Ans: The Government servant who have not completed 8 years of service as on 01-09-2008 are entitled for this concession as per their entitlement. There is no change in block years.

Q.  Home  town  of  an  employee  is  connected  by  train  but  is  not  directly  connected  by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains. In such a case, can the employee be entitled to travel partly by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express trains and partly by other trains?
Ans: Yes, If the journey is actually performed by Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains up to an en route railway station by direct shortest route and thereafter the journey is completed in a train other than Rajdhani/Shatabdi trains, fare for both the types of trains by the entitled class would be admissible for the respective portion of journey.

Q. If the originating and terminating points fall on the routes of Rajdhani/shatabdi express trains  but  these  trains  do  not  halt  at  these  stations,  can  an  employee  travel  by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express?
Ans: The employee can travel by Rajdhani/Shatabdi Express up to the nearest en route station which should not be beyond the destination i.e., Home town or the declare place of visit.

Q. If a  Government employee/his family member is entitled to concessional train fare such as senior  citizen,  student  concession,  children,  etc.,  whether  in  case  of  air  travel,  the reimbursement would be restricted to such concessional fare by train in entitled class?
Ans: If full air fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant, the reimbursement  would  be  restricted  to  the  full  train  fare  in  entitled  class  including Rajdhani/shatabdi.

Q.   If  a  Government  servant  drawing  grade  pay  Rs.  10,000  and  above  can  claim  for reimbursement of Air travel by executive class on LTC?
Ans: No, reimbursement of the expenses on air travel while availing of LTC will be restricted to the cost of travel by the economy class, irrespective of entitlement.

Q. Whether DA is admissible on Sunday, holiday, casual leave and RH to Government Servant on temporary duty at out station?
Ans: 1. Government servant availing  CL or RH while on tour is not entitled to draw DA.
      2. DA is not admissible for any day whether sunday or holiday unless the officer is actually and  not merely constructively in camp.

Q. How mileage allowance is admissible when journey on tour is performed by longer route by rail partly by lower class and partly by the entitled class?
Ans:  In  such  case  claim  shall  be  regulated  on  proportionate  basis,  by  calculating  mileage allowance for different modes/ classes by the shortest route in the ration of distance covered by such modes/ classes by the longer actually used route.

Q. Is TATKAL SEVA charges reimbursable?
Ans: Yes

Q. Whether DA to Government servant on tour returning to Headquarters daily is admissible?
Ans: Yes, a Government servant who returns to his Hqrs while on tour at outstation due to non availability of proper accommodation etc to suite his convenience, may draw DA at the rate applicable at temporary duty station, but on intervening Sundays and holidays no DA will be admissible.

Q. Whether hotel/ guest house should be registered/ recognised?
Ans: For any hotel the Government servant must have stayed in registered/ licensed as a hotel by proper authority.

Q. Whether cash receipt/ cash memo will be mandatory in support of the claims?
Ans: Yes actual expenditure incurred within the prescribed limit will be reimbursed as per normal procedure.

FAQ on General Provident Fund

Q. What is the procedure to increase or decrease General Public Fund (GPF) Subscription?
Ans. GPF subscription can be increased or decreased by submitting request for the same.

Q. Can I get Temporary advance from G.P.Fund for children”s higher education?
Ans. Yes Temporary advance and Final Withdrawal both can be availed for Children”s higher
education on production of necessary documents.

Q. Who will make payment on account of final withdrawal from GPF during the last two years
of service prior to retirement?
Ans: Only Fund Cell of PCDA(R&D) will make payment in such cases.

Q. When the employee can withdraw money from GPF without assigning any reason and the
percentage permissible?
Ans: An employee can withdraw final withdrawal from GPF up to 90% of credit balance within
six months prior to his retirement.

Q. What is the maximum number of installments in which temporary advance out of GPF can
be recovered?
Ans: GPF advance can be recovered in not more than 36 installments.

Q. If it is noticed that amount drawn by an employee out of GPF was not debited in the same
financial year. How it will be adjusted?
Ans: The amount withdrawn will be debited in the CCO-9 and up to date interest will also be

Q. What is the minimum & maximum rate of subscription?
Ans: A Government employee can subscribe minimum 6 percent of total emoluments and not
more than his total emoluments in his/her GPF.

Q. What is DLIS and what are the conditions for the same to be paid?
Ans.DLIS stands for Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme. DLIS is given to family of the GP fund
subscriber on his demise. Maximum limit of DLIS is Rs.60,000.

Q. How the discrepancies in the GP Fund statement will be settled/rectified?
Ans.The cases of discrepancies in the GP Fund statements should be taken up with the concerned pay audit section under PCDA(R&D) (DRDO Cell/Sub-office of PCDA(R&D)).  The section after verifying the same forwards it to the Fund cell under PCDA(R&D) for rectification. 

FAQ on Children Education Allowance

Q. Is cost of books/dress reimbursable while claiming Children Education Allowance?
Ans. Yes, cost of books and dress can be reimbursed.

Q. Whether Children Education Allowance can be claimed monthly?
Ans. No Medical

Q.  What  are  the  documents  required  to  take  prior  permission  to  undergo  tests  from  a
recognized Centre.
Ans.  Following  document  are  required  to  take  prior  permission  to  undergo  tests  from  a
recognized centre:
1. Copy of the prescription slip by CGHS/Government Doctor advising the test/procedure
2. Copy of CGHS Card of the patient.
3. An application clearly indicating the name of the Centre from where the permission to carry
out tests is sought.

FAQ on General/Establishment matters

Q. What is the validity of Government cheque? 
Ans. RBI cheque is valid for three months excluding the month of issue.

Q. How can Government employee can add name of spouse/children in his/her service book? 
Ans.  A  Government  employee  can  add  name  of  spouse/children  by  submission  of  revised family details.

Q. Is Child Care Leave (CCL) admissible when EL is at credit of individual? 
Ans. Yes

Q. What is the maximum limit of CCL?  Can it be availed in parts? 
Ans. Maximum 730 days of CCL can be availed during entire service. Yes, CCL can be availed in parts.  Minimum spell should be 15 days and not more than 3 spells in a year

Q. Being a fresh appointee, how can a Government employee can apply for his  PRAN number? 
Ans. A Government servant, who has joined after 01/01/2004 will have to submit prescribed application form for PRAN number along with passport photographs (in triplicate).

Q. What is the procedure for drawing pay through ECS? 
Ans. An employee who wants to draw pay through ECS may submit an application along with copy of a cheque which contains Account number, MICR No and IFSC code of the bank.

Q. What is the process of payment of pension? 
Ans. On retirement/death, the concerned office of the pensioner prepares case for payment of retirement benefits and forwards to PCDA(R&D) (or its sub office).  PCDA(R&D) verifies the retirement benefits and forwards the papers to PCDA(Pensions) Allahabad.  PCDA(Pensions) after verification sends a copy of Pension Payment Order to the bank/DPDO and payment of pension starts.

Q. How the pension contribution of the new entrants who joined service on or after 1.1.04 is 
accounted for? 
Ans. PCDA(R&D) or its sub offices issues consolidated cheque for the amount deducted towards NPS and also Govt. contribution in favour of the Trustee Bank after uploading their details (e.g. PRAN No., contribution for the month based on Salary etc.) to the NSDL website.

Q. What is the procedure for payment of pay and allowances if LPC is not  received? 
Ans: The pay and allowances shall be released provisionally .

Q. Is transport allowance admissible in all the cases? 
Ans:  No.  Transport  allowance  is  not  admissible  to  a  person  who  has  been  provided  with Government vehicle and also to the person who remains absent for whole month..

Q. How pension and gratuity of a deceased employee are calculated? 
Ans:  Pension  and  gratuity  are  calculated  on  the  basis  of  last  pay  drawn  and  length  of qualifying service.

Q. What is the maximum percentage of pension which can be commuted? 
Ans: Not exceeding 40% of pension can be commuted.

Q. How many financial upgradation can be granted under MACP Scheme? 
Ans: Three. There should be gap of ten years from the date of last promotion.

Q. To whom MACP is granted and under what conditions? 
Ans: MACP can be granted to a person who has not been promoted during the last ten years.

Q. If a person, who has been granted MACP, gets promotion, how his pay will be fixed? 
Ans: A person who has been granted MACP gets promotion his grade pay will be changed.

Q. What action is expected if an employee does not file income tax statement to his DDO? 
Ans: In such cases the income tax due will be recovered by calculating on salary drawn by him.

Q. If an employee is sanctioned EOL, what will be its impact on qualifying service? 
Ans: The EOL sanctioned without medical certificate will be treated as non qualifying service.

Q . If an employee remains on HPL what will be due to him on account of pay and allowances? 
Ans: His pay will be calculated at half the rate.(BP+GP+DA) and HRA & TPT allowance will be calculated as per prevailing rates.

Q. If an officer desires to draw second advance for purchasing second car after clearance of first demand. How much amount he can be paid? 
Ans: He can be paid Rs 1.6 lakh or 8 months pay (basic plus grade pay) or anticipated cost ofthe car which ever is less.

Source: http://pcdarnd.gov.in/pdf/faq.php/1/1/


  • Dr Alok Sharma 4 months ago

    During tour if any L9 officer stay on own arrangement than what DA rate will be applicable.

  • Lalit Kumar 1 year ago

    can any central Government officials re-claim in TADA charges with in the city? He is already claimed TADA bill but not claim TADA charges with in the city.

  • Lalit Kumar 1 year ago

    can any central Government officials re-claim in TADA charges with in the city?

  • Y GANGADHAR 1 year ago

    Will the central government official attending preliminary hearing in the departmental proceedings in his case at the same station (from residence to the place of hearing which are in the same city) claim TA Bill. If he allows, please share the rule provision for the same.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Neeraj Pal 3 years ago

    Sir I was supposed to submit my TA bill up to 6th May 2020 but due to COVID-19 I have submitted my TA bill on 21 May 2020 beyond 60 days, Now I am asking for the condonation of delay for 15 days but refused to condone the delay

  • LTC four years block he can avail one all India LTC or 2 Home town. But it should be first any one for first two years and third year any one of the this or 2 Home town within first two years & after 3/4 years.

  • Unknown 5 years ago

    A Govt servant can availed four year block ltc from his home town to declared visit place.

  • Unknown 6 years ago

    Dear sir
    Is TA and daily alowance admissible to attend departmental promotion exams. Pls give the OM letter detail.

  • Dear Sir,
    Please let me know that photocopy of food bill is acceptable by the company account auditor as per rule

  • Bablu Ansari 6 years ago

    Dear Sir,
    I had submitted my TA/DA,in which I gave photocopy of food bill because original bill's print will disappear after some time and also emailed the same scanned copy but my account department denied to consider it he want the original, I am posted in calcutta and account department is in Chennai….please let me know photocopy is acceptable as per company auditing rule or not
    I will be very grateful

  • Can I avail three LTCs (Two Home Town and One All India) in the block year of 2014-2017?

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Please clarify :
    Sir ,
    Is it essential to give self declaration in TA application for claiming food bills reimbursement as vouchers are not required for reimbursement.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Sir, I am in 2400 Grade pay Central govt. employee and want to go LTC from Jaipur to Sharwanbelgola (Banglore Karnataka). I am entitled to 3 AC train but want to go by Flight to Bangalore and ultimately want to go by flight. (Can I get 3 AC train fare reimbursed)

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    Kindly intimate as to whether any sanction is required to admit the reimbursement of Tatkal charges on official tour.

  • Anonymous 6 years ago

    I group'B' official availed LTC to Northeast I travelled by Air from Bangalore to Kolkata and Kolkata to Bagdora. From Bangalore to Koltata air fare has been limited to Train fare. We travelled through IRCTC package tour. Now the office is saying that the air tickets for Bangalore to Kolkata was booked from yatra.com, it should have been booked from balmer or direct concerned airlines. Please clarify for air tickets for Bangalore to Kolkata which can be travelled by any airlines (private or Airindia) that also should be booked in Balmer or concern airlines and not through other yatra.com.

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    I have booked air ticket from allahabad to mumbai on 11.03.2017. Election results of the UP poll 2017 were to be declared on 11.03.2017. In view of this the journey from place of duty to allahabad air port was planned by keeping cushion of 3hrs. However due to rallies and traffic control, I missed the flight. Is the reimbursement in cases allowed, since the situation was not in control of the official performing the travel. Who is competent authority in cases for approval of this type of refund.

  • Anonymous 7 years ago

    Whether flexi fare recently introduced by Railway admissible in TA. If no. Is it can be made admissible to the employee visiting on emergent duty with the approval of Head of the Department or otherwise?

  • Shailendra Bhandari 7 years ago

    Hello sir,
    I have a query regarding home town conversion. If, my Home town is Pune & I want to avail LTC to visit Mumbai, then, can I conversion my Home Town LTC to visit Mumbai.

  • Anonymous 8 years ago

    Kindly let me know whether transportation charges are reimbursed under Children Education Allowance to children with disabilities.

  • if i am travelling to perform office duty, and even the tatkal ticket is not available, i bought premium tatkal ticket of the class which lower to my entitled class. will it be reimbursed fully? the tour is approved by the officer.

    • No You can not get the full reimbursment see finanace ministry order dated 22 April 2015 No.19046/2/2008-E.IV

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    I am wrkg in central gov office in Mumbai with GP 8700. Recently undertook local journey (~15km) within mumbai municipal limits on official purpose by Auto for consecutive five days. The accounts is refusing to reimburse the actual auto fare & saying that journey should have been undertaken by train (though train route would have been a circuitous one). Please let me know about the rules on these.Also if Accounts is right about train journey, then what will be the class entitlement – 1st class suburban train journey is admissible?

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    Is CEA applicable to pre-nursery classes being held in Child Development Centers, Crèches

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    pl clarify that reimbursement of food bills are not related with part of the day. Earlier we used to get nil if it is less than 6 hrs, 70% if it is more than 6 hrs and less than 12 hrs and 100% of the entitlement if it is more than 12 hrs. Some offices are applying this % formula even now for food bills. Is this correct way? If some one starts his Ty Duty at 1900 hrs and produces the food bills of Rs 625 ( His per day entitlement), will his bills be reimbursed for that day (only 5hrs are there from 1900hrs to 2400 hrs)

  • Anonymous 11 years ago

    does DA ( food bills )on official tour depends on part of the day spent out of station as the case was under 5th Pay commission, or it is fully reimbursable as per entitlement as per 6th pay commission, independent of part of the day spent away from HQtrs. Kindly clarify

    • Food Bills are reimbursable limited to rates prescribed by 6th Pay commission please concern related order

    • Anonymous 11 years ago

      You may pl further clarify that reimbursement of food bills(of course limited to the entitlement) are not related with part of the day. Earlier we used to get nil if it is less than 6 hrs, 70% if it is more than 6 hrs and less than 12 hrs and 100% of the entitlement if it is more than 12 hrs. Some offices are applying this % formula even for food bills. Is it written explicitly in the orders? if so pl give the reference. Thank You

  • Clarification on point 3 in DoPT's OM No. 31011/2/2006-Estt.(A) dated 3rd December 2007 will helpful to you:

    Points raised :

    3. if a Government employee / his family member is entitled to concessional train fare such as Senior citizen, Student concession, children etc. whether in case of air travel, the re-imbursement would be restricted to such concessional fare by train in entitled class.

    Clarification :

    If full air fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant the re-imbursement would be restricted to the full train fare in entitled class including Rajdhani / Shatabdi.

  • Tanks for your reply. But pls clarify that is it reimbursable the air fair for non entitled class(below 5400 GP). Suppose from Bangalore to Delhi, I am not eligible for flight. My daughter's age is 4 yrs. There is no ticket in train as her age is less than5. We are planned to go Delhi by flight from Bangalore. Airline will charge full ticket for my 4 year daughter. In my case is it possible to get reimbursement for my daughter for the journey from Bangalore to Delhi? Our PAO is saying that, no reimbursement is applicable in this case. Pls clarify

  • @ Anver P.S, BARC, Mysore

    Point No.14 is more clear:
    Q. Whether airfare of children whose full fare is charged by the airlines is reimbursed?

    A. If full fare has been charged by the airlines and paid by the Government servant, the same will be reimbursed.

  • Respected Sir,

    I am Anver from Mysore.
    Working in BARC.
    I have a doubt in LTC clarification FAQ issued by DoPT.
    Point no 14

    my doubt is if the child is below 5 years there is no issue of railway ticket,
    but full fare will be charged by the airline if the child age is more than 2 years.
    So in this case,(if the child age is between 2-5 years) what will be the reimbursement criteria?

    Kindly clarify.

    Thanking you

    Yours faithfully