Hyderabad (Ph-III) Housing Scheme: Allotment of Specific Floors/Flats and Parking

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22 August, 2012

 To beneficiaries of Hyderabad (Phase-III) Housing Scheme

Subject : Allotment of specific floors / flats and
Parkings in CGEWHO’s
Hyderabad (Phase III) Housing Scheme

This has reference to your allotment under Hyderabad (Phase
III) Housing Scheme. In this connection please note that Hyderabad (Phase III)
project is now nearing completion. Action regarding allotment of specific floors
/ flats is now required to be taken before handing over possession of dwelling
unit to the beneficiaries.
2. Option for allotment of specific floors are NOT being
invited since, lifts have been provided in all the blocks and differential
costing has not been resorted to. The allotment of flats of all the types shall
be made by a Committee of Officers (Co0) from CGEWHO, including one
Representative of M/o HUPA as member and in the presence of all beneficiaries as
per CGEWHO Rule – 24 of Part – B of Scheme Brochure at CGEWHO’s Head Office at
New Delhi. Date / Time of draw of lots & its procedure
will be notified separately, in the CGEWHO’s Website. The floor/ flat
allotted by the ‘Draw Committee’ shall be final, cannot be changed.

3. Allotment on Medical Grounds :
Please note that as per para-24 of the `CGEWHO Rules-Part:B’,
reservations for allotment of ground / lowest floor are made on medical ground
as detailed below :

(a) Percentage : 3% of the ground / lowest floor
flats in each type of the scheme are reserved for the physically handicapped
persons. In case of Hyderabad Phase III Housing Scheme the reservations shall be
as under :
Type Configuration Total


(in No)
DUs in Lowest


(in No)
DUs under


(in No)

available *

(in No)
A (One BHK) Stilt + 5 20 4 (First Floor) 1 (First Floor) 8
B (Two BHK) Basement+Stilt+9 108 12 (First Floor) 1 (First Floor) 67
C (Three BHK) Basement+Stilt+9 108 12 (First Floor) 1 (First Floor) 118
D (Four BHK) Basement+Stilt+9 144 16 (First Floor) 1 (First Floor) 134

(*) Nos are tentative and may vary.

(b) Qualifying Criteria :

i. Orthopaedically Handicapped – Severe (75% and above
ii. Visually Handicapped – Severe (75% and above disability)
iii. Mental illness – Severe (75% and above disability)

(c) Applicability : The preferential allotment
shall be applicable only in case of the i) allottee/beneficiary, ii) his/ her
spouse or iii) children, falling under the criteria, as mentioned at Para-3(b)

(d) Documents Required : Duly authenticated/
attested copies of certificate(s) issued by Head of a Government Hospital.
%age of disability should be certified by a Medical Committee constituted
for this purpose and counter signed by the Medical Superintendent/CMO/Head of
Hospital (with Seal) with attested photograph showing the disability. For
specimen format, you may like to visit http://www.disabilityindia.org.
However, a specimen format is reproduced in the back side of ‘Option Form’.

(e) Procedure for preferential allotment : All
the applications received under above category shall be scrutinized and the
preferential allotment shall be made on the recommendations of a ‘Medical
consisting of two Doctors of the Government Hospitals, which
will examine all the entitled applications.

4. Parking space(s) under stilts/ Basement for
Cars are available for allotee(s) at an additional cost of Rs.1,75,000/-
(One lakh seventy five thousand only). Second parking(s)
may be allotted after meeting the requirement of first parking of all the
beneficiaries, at later stage by CGEWHO, if any parking, are unallotted or
surrendered by any allottee, subsequently.

5. You are requested to convey your requirement of
parking and provide all requisite details of disability, if applicable, in the
enclosed proforma and return it to this office latest by 12/10/2012.
In case, the completed proforma is not received in this office by
12/10/2012, it shall be presumed that the beneficiary is neither
interested in preferential allotment on medical grounds nor have any requirement
of Car parking under stilts. Allotment of specific flat/Parking Space will be
decided after analyzing the requirement of car parking spaces from the
allottee(s). Allotment of specific flat/Parking Space under stilts once made by
the respective committee, cannot be changed. Computerised Draw for allotment
of specific floor/flat and Car Parking will be held in the Head Office of

5. Withdrawal from the Scheme : As per
Para-25 of the CGEWHO Rules-Part : B’, beneficiaries withdrawing
after the allotment of specific flats/floors would be charged withdrawal charges
@20% of the first instalment – which may please be noted.
Yours faithfully,

(M K Maity) Dy. Dir. (Admn)
for Chief Executive Officer

P.S. : The Proforma should be sent separately and not clubbed with any other
query/payment etc.

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[Click here: Disabilities Certificate]

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  • Anonymous 12 years ago

    does any one has a building layout plan in the Phase-3 colony.
    I do not need flat layout.

  • Deepak 12 years ago

    Rs.1,75,000/- for car parking is too expensive and this after delaying the project and consequentially causing incalculable loss due to delay by more than 36 months which was actually supposed to be completed within 3 months. It is high time CGEWHO starts thinking more humanly. The point is all my enquiries showed the cost of car parking in Hyderabad did not exceed Rs.1.25 lakh; then how this Rs.1.75 lakh calculated? For God's sake reconsider.