Travel on Private Air Lines- Clarification by Principal CDA(O)

For travel on official tours i.e. permanent posting & temporary duty by Airlines other than Air India because of operational or other reasons or on account of non availability of Air India flights, individual cases for relaxation are to be referred to M/o Civil Aviation. 

The same is not required for the areas or sectors where Ministry of Civil Aviation have issued specific sanction for journey by private airlines e.g.

  • Officer posted in NER, 
  • Delhi-Leh-Delhi sector or 
  • for sectors like 
  • Patna-Ranchi, 
  • Patna-Kolkata, 
  • Bangalore-Combatore and 
  • Bangalore-Kochi etc.
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Principal Controller of Defence Accounts has also issued details on 

Entitlement of Air Jorney – Army Officer [click here to see]

Previous clarification by Min of Civil Aviation:

No. AV.18011/04/2010-AI
Government of India/Ministry of Civil Aviation
Rajiv Gandhi  Bhawan,
New Delhi-110003, dated 12-07-2011
Subject: Air travel on official account — guidelines on
tour/ LTC clarification regarding.
Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure vide O.M.
19024/1/200-9-E.IV dated 16.09.2010 issued guidelines on air travel on
Tours/LTC and on right mode of purchase of air ticket. Doubts have been raised
by different Ministries/Departments whether Ministry of Civil Aviation can
permit travel on LTC by airlines other than Air India in terms of M/o Finance’s
O.M. dated 16.09.2010. D/o Expenditure, vide their O.M. No. 19024/1/200-9-E.IV
dated 18 th October, 2010 has clarified that by the virtue of its earlier
instructions given in O.M. dtd.l3 th July, 2009 Ministry of Civil Aviation
would continue to consider LTC cases of air travel by airlines other than Air
India and the amount to be reimbursed in such cases will be restricted to
LTC-8o fare of Air India. A copy of D/o Expenditure’s O.M. dtd.18th October, 2010 is annexed.
2.  Ministry of Civil
Aviation had also been receiving a number of inquiries about the airfare
admissible while availing LTC on sectors not operated by Air India and travel
is performed by airlines other than Air India after obtaining relaxation from M/o
Civil Aviation. The matter was taken up with Ministry of Finance, Department of
Expenditure, which has clarified vide I.D. No. 19024/1/2009-KIN’ dated
27.4.2011 that in such contingencies the official would be reimbursed cheapest
economy class air fare.
3.  It is also
clarified that as per Department of Expenditure O.M. No.19024/1/2009-EJV— dtd. 16.09.2010,
air tickets may be purchased directly from Airlines (at BOoking Coun’ters/
Websites of airlines) or by utlising the services of Authorised Travel Agents
viz;; M/s Balmer Lawrie & Co. and M/s Ashoka Travels & Tours. Ministry
of Civil Aviation has no authority to relax this requirement and no communication
would be responded by Ministry of Civil Aviation in this regard.
(S.K. Chhikara)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Finance Ministry letter reproduced here:
No. 19024/1/2009-E.IV
Government of India
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
E-IV Branch
New Delhi  dated the
18th October, 2010.
Office Memorandum
Subject: Guidelines
on Air Travel on Tours/LTC.
The undersigned is directed to refer to Ministry of Civil
Aviation’s OM No. AV.18050/51/2009-AI dated 07.10.10 on the above subject
seeking clarification whether requests from Govt. officials for grant of
relaxation to travel by private airlines while availing LTC can be considered
by M/o Civil Aviation in view of this Department’s OM of even No. dated 16.09.10.
2. It is clarified that since as per this Department’s OM of
even No. dated 13.07.09, the restriction to travel by Air India applies to all
cases, where Govt. of India bears the cost of air passage, this would include
LTC also. Similarly, the provision made in the same OM for seeking relaxation
from M/o Civil Aviation for travel by Airlines other than Air India, shall also
cover LTC. However, in all such cases of relaxation for travel on LTC, the
amount reimbursed will be restricted to LTC-80 fare of Air India.
(A. Bhattcharya)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India
Source/Original: http://civilaviation.gov.in/cs/groups/public/documents/circular(ai)/moca_001055.pdf

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