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Change in Subscriber Registration Form under New Pension Scheme

National Securities Depository Ltd.
Central Recordkeeping Agency

Circuiar No: CNA/ PO&RI/PAO/2012/006
November 23, 2012

Subject: Bank details mandatory in the subscriber registration form (S1 form)

As you are aware, the Annexure S1 form being filled by subscribers .(for registration) have provision for providing bank details.  At present, these bank details are not mandatory. PFRDA vide it letter dated October 18, 2012 has communicated to CRA that the Bank details will be mandatory for all subscribers. Accordingly, you are advised to ensure the following:

a) A cancelled cheque pertaining to the account is submitted by the subscriber.

b) The bank details are completely filled by the subscriber. in case detail provided are fund to be incomplete/ incorrect, the form will be rejected.

c)  The subscriber has provided Indian Financial System (IFS) Code, if IFS code is not available, MICR code can be provided. If both (IFSC as well as MICR) are not available, the subscriber has to give a declaration to that effect (provided in the form).

d.)  Further in case, the Bank details are not available at the time of filling, the form, subscriber has to give the declaration for providing the Bank details within six months or on opening of Bank account whichever is earlier.

The cutoff date for accepting the S1 forms at CRA/CRA-Facilitation Centres (CRA-FCs) without bank details shall be March 31, 2013. The soft copy of the revised form is enclosed and same available at the CRA website www..npscra.nsdl.co.in under the menu Organised Sector > Central Government > Forms > Form S1.
In case of any clarification please contact Mr. Shahid Khan at 022-24994648. (E-mail ID – [email protected]) or Mr. Rishi Singh at (322-24994359 (Email ID- [email protected]).

For behalf of
National Securities Depository Limited

Prasenjit Mukherjee
Assistant Vice President
End: a/a

Source: http://cpao.nic.in/pdf/NPS_2012-13_216.pdf

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