Implementation of e-payment system in remaining Pay & Accounts Office of Civil Ministries/ Departments.

Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
Controller General of Accounts
Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market
New Delhi-110511
Dated: 06.12.2012 


Subject: Implementation of e-payment system in remaining Pay & Accounts Office of Civil Ministries/ Departments.

A reference is invited to this office O.M. No. S-11012/e-Payment /3/2011/ RBD/1085-1138 dated 14.10.2010 communicating the decision to launch a full-fledged electronic delivery of payment services through Government e-Payment Gateway (GePG) in all Pay 86 Accounts Office of Civil Ministries/ Departments.

2. Subsequently, 325 PAOs of 48 Civil Ministries/Departments had been identified to implement the e-Payment project in 3 phases. The implementation of e-Payment system in PAOs of all Civil Ministries has been considered as an important intiative to promote transparency and good governance. Also all payments exceeding Rs.25,000 to private parties and government servents (other than salary )are required to be made through payment advices including electronically signed payment advices 01.04.2012 in terms of 0.M. No. 1(1)/2011 /TA/ 29 I 86 292 d 31.03.2012. This office has, therefore, taken a decision to implement e-Payment System by 30.06.2013 in all the remaining PAOs of Civil Ministries/Departments which have not been covered under the system so far.
3. The roll out of the system in these PAOs shall be done in 2 phases. In the first phase, it has been decided that the e-Payment System shall be implemented in 43 PAOs which have already switched over to COMPACT system and are under direct administrative control of the office of CGA (as per Annexure ‘Al. The roll out of e-Payment system shall be completed in these PAOs by 31st March, 2013.
4.In the second phase, e-Payment system shall be rolled out by 30.06.2013 in 82 PAOs which are not under the direct administrative control of the office of CGA but render their accounts to CGA (Annexure `B’.
It is requested that immediate action is taken for procurement of the prescribed hardware and software and to complete all the activities required for operationalisation of the e-Payment system in the PAOs of your Ministries/ Departments within the stipulated timeline mentioned above. Ministries/ Departments listed in Annexure IT which are not operating on COMPACT, are also requested to take immediate steps for development of interface between their existing accounting software and GePG/COMPACT or switch over to COMPACT for enabling e-payment through GePG.
5.  The operational procedure for the e-payment system and the specifications and other details regarding the necessary hardware, software and digital signature etc. have already been circulated vide O.M. under reference. It is further advised that the necessary exercise for obtaining required funds may be initiated immediately. A copy of this OM is also being endorsed to the IFD of your Ministry requesting for their co-operation in this regard.
6.  It may also be ensured that whenever a new PAO is established in the Ministry/Department, it is enabled for e-payment at the time of its operationalization itself.
This may be accorded top priority since this initiative is being eviewed by Secretary (E) on a regular basis.

(A.K. Singh) 
Dy. Controller General of Accounts
Source: Order/Circular section of www.cga.nic.in [click here to download/read full order with annexure]

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