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Enhancement of Ordinary Family Pension in respect of Pre-2006 JCOs/ORs Family Pensioners: Instructions by Pr. CDA


Circular No. 502

 Dated: 17th January 2013. 

Subject: Implementation of Government decision on the recommendations of the Committee of Secretaries – 2012 on the issues related to Defence Service Personnel and Ex-Servicemen- Enhancement of Ordinary Family Pension in respect of Pre-2006 JCOs/ORs Family Pensioners.

A copy of Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter No. 1(14)/2012-D (Pen/Pol) dated 17th Jan. 2013 on the above subject is forwarded herewith for information and necessary action which is self explanatory. 
2. The above Government letter provides improvement in Ordinary Family Pension. 
3. The improvement in ordinary family pension as per the above Government of India, Ministry of Defence letter is effective from 24th September 2012.
4.1 Applicability- 
These orders are applicable to the family pensioners of JCOs/ORs and Hony Commissioned Officers of regular Armed Forces including Defence Security Corps personnel who were discharged/ retired prior to 1.1.2006. These orders are also applicable to Families of TA personnel, Non-Combatants (Enrolled) [NCs (E)] of regular Army and Air Force and Ex-state Forces pensioners discharged prior to 01.01.2006. 
4.2 Non-Applicability- These orders do not apply to families of UK/HKSRA/KCIOs pensioners, Pakistan and Burma Army pensioners. These orders also do not apply to families of Reservist Pensioners. 
5. Revision of ordinary family pension with reference to Pension Tables by Pension Disbursing Agencies 
Where JCOs/ORs has rendered qualifying service of 15 years and above and NOKs of JCOs/ORs are in receipt of Ordinary Family Pension, PDAs are required to revise the Family pension on their own as per Tables appended to Ministry of Defence letter enclosed after ascertaining the actual qualifying service, rank and group for which family pensioned from the initial PPO without calling or waiting for any applications from the affected pensioners. 
5.2 Ordinary Family pension for NOKs of DSC personnel are not provided under above Ministry’s letter. The Family pension in respect of DSC personnel who are in receipt of family pension for only DSC service are to be revised at the same rates as given for family pensioners of Regular Army. DSC personnel on “clerical duty” and “other duty” are entitled for family pension of regular Army personnel of group “Y” and “Z” respectively. Therefore, the PDAs shall revise rates of Ordinary Family pension for families of DSC personnel as mentioned above. 
5.3 However, in case of any doubt or PDAs feel any difficulty, then the case may be referred to PSAs concerned as per specimen given in Annexure- A to Ministry of Defence letter enclosed. 
5.4 The initial Pension Payment Order (PPO) or its Corrigendum PPO (Corr PPO) indicates rank, group and qualifying service of the Armed Forces Personnel for which the NOKs have been pensioned. However, if any information regarding qualifying service, rank, group etc., are not available with Pension Disbursing Agencies, such cases may be referred to Pension Sanctioning Authority concerned on the proforma enclosed as Annexure-B to GOI MOD letter. The Pension Sanctioning Authorities concerned will provide the requisite information from the available records within 30 days of the receipt of request from the Pension Disbursing Agencies. 
6. Additional Pension to family pensioners on attaining 80 years of age and above- The improved ordinary family pension will be basic pension from 24th September 2012 and therefore additional family pension available to old age family pensioners on attaining the relevant age (80 years and above) shall also be revised 
by PDAs at appropriate percentage of the improved family pension admissible under MOD letter under transmission. 
7. Dearness Relief – The Pension Disbursing Agencies will pay dearness relief as authorized by Deptt of P& PW, Ministry of Personnel, PG& Pensioners from time to time on improved family pension and additional family pension payable to old age family pensioners treating it as basic pension. 
8. Pensioners in receipt of two pensions- In case of pensioners who are in receipt of more than one pension i.e. one from Armed Forces service and other from any other Deptt/ Ministry etc, family pension for Armed Forces service only should be revised as per the relevant Table. 
9. Cases to be referred to PSA – Family pension in respect of JCOs/ORs of Territorial Army irrespective of their qualifying service and also in death in service cases where Q.S. is less then 15 years would also need to be revised in terms of these orders by Pension Sanctioning Authorities. Specific Table indicating revised rates of family pension for the purpose have not been prepared. PDAs will refer such cases to PSAs concerned as per specimen given in Annexure- A to Ministry of Defence letter enclosed for issue of Corr P P O. 
10. Miscellaneous instructions- 
10.1 No arrears on account of revision of family pension will be admissible for the period prior to 24th September 2012 
10.2 Any overpayment of pension coming to the notice or under process of recovery shall be adjusted in full by the Pension Disbursing Authorities against arrears becoming due on revision of pension on the basis of MOD letter enclosed. 
10.3 A suitable entry regarding revised pension should be made by the PDAs in Check Register/Payment Register/Pension Payment Scroll Register/ Pension Book/ Certificate. Where qualifying service for which pensioner was pensioned is not available in PPO and qualifying service as now intimated by PSA or accepted by the PDA from corroborative document shall be noted prominently for future reference. 
10.4 In cases where ordinary family pension has been notified in the PPO of the Ex-servicemen and ordinary family pension has not commenced as the pensioner is alive. The improved rate as now admissible to his/ her spouse may be noted in the PPO of the pensioner check Register/ Payment Register/ Pension Payment scroll Register so that improved rate is paid to family pensioner other required. 
10.5. The Govt. has also desired that all the CPPCs of Public sector Banks and paying branches where CPPC has not taken over the work of the payment of the pension including IDBI Bank, ICICI Bank Ltd, HDFC Bank Ltd, AXIS Bank, disbursing pension would render a monthly progress report as per proforma (Annexure-C) prescribed under Ministry’s above quoted letter dated 17th January 2013 to the Group Officer, Audit Section, office of the PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad. All PDAs are therefore, enjoined upon to ensure rendition of the said report. It is also enjoined upon them that all the columns in proforma prescribed by Ministry of Defence must be filled in complete and correct manner before its rendition to the office of the PCDA (P) Allahabad). It is also requested that one soft copy and one more copy of the requisite report, be invariably sent separately along with the pension payment scrolls regarding payment of improved family pension. 
10.6 The DPDOs will render the monthly progress report as per Annexure C to the Group Officer, Audit Section, office of the PCDA (P) Allahabad with copy to their respective CsDA i.e. CDA (PD)/CDA (WC) and CDA Chennai as the case may be. 
11. Points of doubt, if any, relating to revision of pension under the subject Govt. order may immediately be referred to the concerned PSAs. 
12. This circular is also available on this office website www.pcdapension.nic.in Please acknowledge receipt. 
No. Grants/Tech/0167/XII (502)
Dated: 17th January 2013