Contract doctors in CGHS Dispensaries



TO BE ANSWERED ON 23.04.2013

Contract doctors in CGHS Dispensaries

 Will the Minister of HEALTH AND FAMILY WELFARE be pleased to state:-

(a) the criteria for appointment of contract doctors working in Allopathic, Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic CGHS Dispensaries in Delhi;
(b) the names of contract doctors working at present and their date of appointment and posting;
(c) the salary paid to each doctor per month;
(d) whether it is a fact that the contract doctors are not taking interest/ responsibilities for the benefit of patients; and
(e) by when Government proposes to appoint regular doctors in these dispensaries in Delhi?



(a): The criteria for appointment of doctors on contract basis in Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) are as below:

  • They must have retired from Central/ State Governments/ PSUs.
  • They must be below 65 years of age.

(b): The details are annexed.

(c): A consolidated remuneration of Rs.46,000/- per month is paid to a retired doctor on contractual appointment in CGHS subject to the condition that the pension plus remuneration does not exceed the last pay drawn by him/her at the time of retirement. No other allowances or monetary benefits in any form are admissible.
(d): No such report has been received in this Ministry.
(e): Retirement and appointment of doctors in CGHS is a continuous process. Every year UPSC makes recommendations for direct appointment of doctors and also for filling vacancies of promotional posts. However, many of the selected candidates against direct recruitment do not join CGHS. Retired doctors have been engaged on contract basis against some of the vacant posts depending on the immediate need to manage the ongoing operations. No specific time frame can be indicated for filling the vacant posts on regular basis.


Details of contractual Allopathic Doctors along with their date of appointment and place of posting in CGHS Delhi NCR
S.No Name of Doctors Date of Appointment Place of Posting
1 Dr. Ramji Lal Babbar 06.07.10 WC Janakpuri-I
2 Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Bhasin 16.02.12 WC CBI Colony/SZ
3 Dr. Arunabh Kumar Dutt 16.02.12 WC RKP-I Sec-4/SZ
4 Dr. Y.P.S. Tejan 16.02.12 WC Dwarka/NZ
5 Dr. Bhaskar Narayan 16.02.12 WC Shakurbasti/NZ
6 Dr. D.D. Khetra Pal 16.02.12 WC Tri Nagar/NZ
7 Dr. Yograj Jangwal 17.02.12 WC Gurgaon/SZ
8 Dr. Jilay Dar 16.02.12 WC South Avenue/CZ
9 Dr. Mahendra Pratap Singh 16.02.12 WC Shahadara/EZ
10 Dr. R. Pal 21.02.12 WC Gole Market/CZ
11 Dr. Sushma Sidhu 16.02.12 WC Pragti vihar/CZ
12 Dr. Shyama Goyal 23.02.12 WCKingsway Camp/EZ
13 Dr. Vijay Kumar Taneja 16.02.12 WCKingsway Camp/EZ
14 Dr. Asha Chadha 16.02.12 WC Shalimar Bagh/NZ
15 Dr. Anita Narang 16.02.12 WCNeta Ji nagar/SZ
16 Dr. Dharma pal 21.03.12 WC Gaziabad/EZ
17 Dr. Jagdish Saran 19.07.12 FAP Cent. Sect./CZ
18 Dr. Manjula Tyagi 19.07.12 WC Pandara Road/CZ
19 Dr. B.K. Bhardwaj 20.07.12 WC RKP-IV/SZ
20 Dr. Mohammad Ahsan Qureshi 19.07.12 WC Sriniwas Puri/SZ
21 Dr. Jagdish Ghosh 20.07.12 WC Sarojini Nagar-I/SZ
22 Dr. Mangilal Rathod 19.07.12 WC Shahadara/EZ
23 Dr. Gajendra Prasad 19.07.12 WC Dilshad Garden/EZ
24 Dr. Ananta Charan Tripathi 19.07.12 WC Palam Colony/NZ
25 Dr. Udai Singh 19.07.12 WC Andrew Ganj/SZ
26 Dr. Pramod Kumar 19.07.12 WC Telegraph lane/CZ
27 Dr. Brij Mohan Narang 19.07.12 WC Inder puri/NZ
28 Dr. Vijay Bahadur 19.07.12 WC Noida/EZ
29 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Sinha 07.08.12 WC Gaziabad/EZ
30 Dr. Mridula Singh 23.11.12 WC Kasturba Nagar/SZ
31 Dr. (Mrs.) Rita Mohanty 23.11.12 WC jangpura/SZ
32 Dr. Sushil Kumar 23.11.12 WC Chitra gupta /CZ
33 Dr. Dolamany Manjhi 23.11.12 WC Delhi Cant/NZ
34 Dr. Balram Mohanty 23.11.12 WC Mayur Vihar/EZ
35 Dr. Sudama Jeswani 23.11.12 WC Janakpuri-I/NZ
36 Dr. Ishwar Dayal 23.11.12 WC RKP-VI/SZ
37 Dr. (Mrs.) Lily Chopra 04.01.13 WC Sarojini Nagar-I/SZ
38 Dr. Rajendra Kumar 13.03.13 WC Noida/EZ
39 Dr. Harish Chandra Tiwari 13.03.13 WC Ashok Vihar/NZ
40 Dr. Surendra kumar Aggarwal 13.03.13 WC Pragti Vihar/CZ
41 Dr. Jay Shri Bhatnagar 13.03.13 WC Dilshad Garden/EZ
42 Dr. Madhu Anand 13.03.13 WC Tilak Nagar/NZ
43 Dr. Kamlesh Chaudhary 13.03.13 WC Narayana Vihar/NZ
44 Dr. suresh Kohali 13.03.13 WC Lodhi Road/CZ
45 Dr. Uma Vazirani 13.03.13 Preventive Health SZ
46 Dr. Manish Bhalla 13.03.13 WC Malviya Nagar/SZ
47 Dr. Hari Pal Singh 13.03.13 WC Chanakya Puri/CZ
48 Dr. P.R. dhokeria 13.03.13 WC M.B Road/SZ
49 Dr. Brijesh Kumar Sagar 15.03.13 WC Laxmi Nagar/EZ
50 Dr. Krishan Kumar Tyagi 18.03.13 WC Paharganj /CZ
51 Dr. Ambika prasad 01.04.13 WC Vivek Vihar/EZ
52 Dr. Neena Gupta 08.04.13 WC Z. H. Road/CZ
53 Dr. Romoni Kumar Borah 09.04.10 Attached with ADDG(HQ)
54 Dr. D.R. Dey 06.07.10 Attached with AD(HQ)
55 Dr. Dibyendu Kumar Borah 16.02.12 Attached with Director/CGHS

*WC – Wellness Centre

Details of contractual Ayurvedic Doctors along with their date of appointment and place of posting in CGHS Delhi NCR

S.No Name of Doctors Date of Appointment Place of Posting
1. Dr. Ramnarayan Jha 24.08.2012 Janakpuri
2. Dr. Anand Sondarva 24.08.2012 Kali Bari.
3. Dr. Solanki Dilip Kumar Balu Bhai 24.08.2012 Kingsway Camp.
4. Dr. Yash Pal Singh 24.08.2012 Laxmi Nagar
5. Dr. D.K. Attrey 24.08.2012 Ayurvedic Hospital, Lodhi Road
6. Dr. Narendra Deo Sharma 24.08.2012 North Avenue
7. Dr. Basudhara Sharma 24.08.2012 Gurgaon
8. Dr. Devender Kamboj 24.08.2012 M.B. Road
9. Dr. Ram Kishan 24.08.2012 Ayurvedic Medical Store Depot.
10. Dr. Harishankar Bhardwaj 24.08.2012 Kali Bari
11. Dr. Sunanda Nishal 24.08.2012 Paschim Vihar
12. Dr. Ved Prakash Pandey 24.08.2012 Jung Pura
13. Dr. Raj Pal Singh 24.08.2012 R.K. Puram.
14. Dr. Vidya Prakash Chug 24.08.2012 Delhi Cantt.
15. Dr. Yogesh Chandra Dixit 24.08.2012 Dev Nagar.

NOTE : No retired doctors are engaged at present on contract basis in Homeopathic, Unani and Sddha systems of medicine

Source: Rajya Sabha Q&A Annexure
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