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Expected IDA from July 2013 for BSNL, CPSE will be upto 79% with 4% increase

Calculation of expected IDA from July, 2013 for Officers and Employess of BSNL, CPSE is based on All India Consumer Price Index Number [http://labourbureau.nic.in/indtab.html] for Industrial Workers (CPI-IW) on base 2001=100 for the months of Mar-2013, Apr-2013 and May-2013.  After announcement of CIP-IW for the month of Apr-2013 expectation of IDA from Jul-2013 will be as under:-
Month CPI(IW) Average of CPI IDA Increase in IDA
Announced CPI(IW) Feb-13 223 221.00 74.9 click here to view 
Announced CPI(IW) Mar-13 224
Announced CPI(IW) Apr-13 226

1st Expectation
May-13 226 225.33 78.4 3.5
2nd Expectation May-13 227 225.67 78.6 3.7
3rd Expectation May-13 228 226.00 78.9 4.0
4th Expectation May-13 229 226.33 79.2 4.3
5th Expectation May-13 230 226.67 79.4 4.5

As per above table it is cleared that expectation of IDA from Jul-2013, will be based on May-13 AICIPN and as per trend AICIPN for May, 2013 will increase 1 or 2 point i.e. 227 or 228.  Thus we may expect IDA from July 2013 will be 78.6 or 78.9 with increase of 3.7 or 4.0 respectively.

Note: Above expectations are based on standard calculation of IDA.

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