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Cadre Restructuring of Income Tax Department Latest News & Orders

Income Tax Cadre Restructuring News in Economic Times:-
NEW DELHI: The Income Tax department hopes to mop up an additional revenue of more than Rs 25 crore by opening 1,080 assessment offices for taxpayers and increasing the number of tax collectors in every office.
A decision to implement these new measures was recently taken after the government in May approved a large-scale cadre restructuring of the department and created 20,751 posts, in various ranks, in the I-T department.

Latest Orders regarding constitution of various committees regarding Cadre Restructuring:-

1. The first departmental order of CBDT under Human Resource Development
published on 2nd July, 2013 vide D.O F.No.HRD/CM/102/3/2009-10(Pt)/102 through
on its official portal. The title of the order is ‘Implementation of the
approved Restructuring of the Income Tax Department’, it includes Annexure A and
Annexure B. The detailed report of number of existing, proposed and approved
posts in various cadres has been tabled in Annexure A.
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2. The second order also published by the CBDT on 2.7.2013 vide F.No.
HRD/CM/102/3/2009-10(Pt)/1094 and it contents the details of Core Committee has
been constituted on 19.6.13 to facilitate implementation of Cadre Restructuring.
Constitution of Sub-Committee No.1 : Jurisdiction and Deployment of Posts…
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3. The third and important office order published on 2nd July 2013 vide F.
No. HRD/CM/102/3/209-10(Pt)/1095 by the Central Board of Direct Taxes regarding
the constitution of Sub-Committee No.2 for Departmental Promotion Committee
(DPC) to execute to ensure early DPC for promotion to the concerned post and
facilitate / carry out vacancy analysis etc…
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4. The fourth order regarding restructuring of directorates, the
implementation of proposals made by the departmental Cadre Restructuring
Committee regarding the staff in the attached directorates. This office order is
also published by the CBDT on 2nd July this year vide F.No.
HRD/CM/102/3/2009-10(Pt)/1096. Sub-Committee No.3 for Restructuring of
Authority :
5. An another office order has been issued by the CBDT on 2.7.2013 vide F.No.
HRD/CM/102/3/2009-10(Pt)/1097 pertaining to that the recruitment of Group ‘B’
and ‘C’ cadres and their need for training. The Core Committee has been
constituted by the CBDT on 19th June, 2013 to implement the cadre restructuring
to the employees of Income Tax Department and Board has also decided to
consitutue other Sub-Committees to help in executing the various taks emanating
from the approved restructuring proposal smoothly… No.4 :Recruitment of Group B
and C cadres and Training Needs….
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6. Constitution of Sub-committee No.5 : IRS Recruitment Rules, the Board has
constituted an another sub committee to look into existing issues in the
Recruitment Rules for IRS.
Authority :
7. An another Sub-committee has been constituted by CBDT to follow the
identifying requirement for amendments in RRs as a result of restructuring and
the Model RRs. This Sub-committee No.6: Recruitment Rules for Group B and C
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8. The last and final office order in the list has been issued for
constituting a Sub-committee to make infrastructure requirements. The
Sub-committee assessing the existing infrastructure, and infrastructure gaps in
the Department. This committee known as No.7: Infrastructure Requirements…
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