Additional Incentives to women to join the para-military forces

The steps taken by the Government to provide additional incentives to women to join the para-military forces are as under:-

(i) ‘Creches’ and ‘Day Care Centres’ have been provided by the CAPFs to women employees.

(ii) Separate accommodation for women personnel with basic amenities.

(iii) Toilet facilities are made available for the use of women employees by pitching of proper tents with commode in areas where appropriate locations are not available.

(iv) Vehicles fitted with mobile toilets for women personnel during movement from one place to another and during picketing duties.

(v) Facilities already available under the Central Government like Maternity Leave, Child Care Leave, are also applicable to CAPFs women personnel.

(vi) Medical facilities with special care to the pregnant women. Lady Doctors are available to provide medical coverage.

(vii) Education facilities to their children in KendriyaVidyalaya have been provided wherever available.

(viii) Facilities have been provided to women personnel at par with their male counter parts at work place without any gender bias.

 (ix) In case of married women, generally husband and wife are posted in same station as far as possible.

(x) Instructions issued vide Department of Personnel and Training’s OM No.35021/2/2009-Estt (C), dated 3.7.2009, regarding concerted effort to increase representation of Women in Central Government jobs are strictly adhered to while conducting recruitment to ensure adequate women candidates are attracted to join CAPFs.

(xi) One female member is detailed as member of the board for making recruitment of women personnel.

(xii) The Programme on Gender Sensitization in Govt. Service has been conducted by all CAPFs to educate their personnel. This has also been made part of the Basic Training Programme.

(xiii) Committees have been constituted at all levels to check sexual harassment and to deal with the complaints of women personnel.  All CAPFs have included the NGOs in the Complaint Committees to enquire into complaints of sexual harassment.

(xiv) There is proper mechanism established for redressal of Grievances of women employees of CAPFs.

(xv) Ministry of Home Affairs have issued order suggesting time-limits for processing of the disciplinary proceedings on the complaints of Sexual Harassment at work place so that proceedings are concluded expeditiously by CAPFs.

(xvi) Ministry of Home Affairs have directed all CAPFs to amend their respective Act/Rules suitably to make necessary provisions as per the guidelines and norms emanating from the Judgment of Supreme Court in the case of Vishaka and Ors Vs. State of Rajasthan and Ors. (JT 1997(7) SC 384).

(xvii) Women personnel are given equal opportunity in their career progression i.e. promotion/seniority at par with male counter parts.

(xviii) Women personnel are encouraged to be self-dependent by imparting proper training and talks during various courses.

(xix) Separate General Pool Accommodation for women employees available to Central Government employees are also applicable to women employees in CAPFs.

(xx) Women personnel are generally not being posted in units located in very remote and hostile areas.
Source: R.S.USQ No. 992 FOR 14.08.2013