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INTUC Resolution on early setting up of the 7th Pay Commission

Resolution on appointment of the 7th Pay Commission

The delegates’ conference of INTUC adopted a resolution on appointment of the 7th pay commission in its 30th Plenary Session held in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. Since it is one of the major Central Trade Unions in India, the resolutions which are adopted in its conference will be given national importance and it would be taken up seriously by the Central Government. As the INTUC is the labour wing of Congress Party, it is expected that the demands made by the INTUC will be considered favorably by the Government. The resolution on appointment of the 7th Pay Commission is given below

Resolution on appointment of the 7th Pay Commission

The delegate conference of INTUC demands the central government of India to appoint 7th pay commission without any delay.

The 6th central pay commission has recommended a new concept of Pay Band and Grade Pay as replacement to the 5th CPC pay scales/pay structure, which was accepted by the government. Consequently the revised Pay Band/Grade Pay was implemented with effect from January 1, 2006.
In the case of central public sector undertakings, the wages are invariably revised once in five years. The 5th cpc, in the case of central government employees, had recommended that the wages should be revised at least once in 10 years. The degree of inflation in economy determines the pace of erosion of the real value of wages. However this factor was never taken into consideration while determining the wage structure. It is however acknowledged that there has been DA compensation for the central government employees which does not compensate the actual erosion of wages in terms of actual cost of living.
The Government of India should take necessary measures to control the inflation in the essential commodities so that the state/central government employees and general public can maintain their living standard, as they are passing through severe hardship to meet both the ends. It is the general practice that after every 10 years, a new Pay Commission is appointed to examine the economic conditions of the government employees. In the larger interests of the state and central government employees, it is required to appoint the 7th Pay Commission to revise the wages and other benefits in the light of prevailing economic conditions.
The INTUC delegates’ conference earnestly appeal to the government of India to appoint the 7th Pay Commission immediately, so that employees can maintain their living standards intact in the face of steep inflation.

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