Outsourcing of Specialist Medical Services: CGDA Clarification

Outsourcing of Specialist Medical Services
(IFA wing) 
INSTRUCTION NO. 03 of 2013
No. IFA/142/Vol-I 
 Dated :-26 -09-2013

Sub: Outsourcing of Specialist Medical Services.

A number of references were received in HQrs. office seeking clarification on outsourcing of medical services in the Armed forces and accordingly the matter has been reviewed denovo.
2. On a careful examination of the list of services which can be outsourced (refer Part IV and Annexure III of Govt. letter dated 13.04.2012), it is observed that there are certain overlapping areas and certain services which were being outsourced have not been included in the current list of services. However, it does not imply that these can not be outsourced now. The guiding factor is that the outsourcing should be confined to the ‘non-core’ areas. However, if the necessity of a non core service has been established, outsourcing of the same 
may be allowed. Further, under AMC in Part IV, Technical Medical Services can be outso-urced, which can also be interpreted to include specialist medical 
services. It is, therefore, felt that outsourcing the services of specialists existed prior to the issue of Govt. Order dated 13th April 2012 and the Govt. Letter dated 13.04.12 has since been issued to streamline the system of outsourcing.
3. Further, Pr. IFA (Air HQ) has informed that a meeting was held with DGAFMS on 29.08.2013 and the issues relating to procurement of scaled medical equipment, outsourcing of medical services etc. were deliberated in the said meeting and views of the o/o DGAFMS has been obtained on file. As per the discussion in the meeting , office of DGAFMS has intimated that a draft 
SOP on “Outsourcing of Specialist Services in the Armed Forces Medical Services” has been forwarded to MOD and is awaiting final approval of Hon’ble Raksha Mantri. DGAFMS has also opined that in view of the need to provide comprehensive medical care to the clientele, outsourcing of specialist services in stations where their services are considered essential to continue, as per the instructions on the subject issued by the medical directorates.
4. Considering the views of medical services and pending approval of SOP on “Outsourcing of Specialists” by Hon’ble Raksha Mantri , it is advised that proposals for Outsourcing of Medical Specialist in Armed Forces Medical Services may be allowed on case to case basis based on the need of clientele, with the approval of the concerned DGsMS and as per delegation in place.
For IFA (HQ TC) AF , Bangaluru: This disposes your letter No. IFA/HQTC/ AF/Med Corr Dated 30.08.2013.
Addl. CGDA (NRD) has seen.
(V.K Vijay) 

Source: www.cgda.nic.in

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