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Artisan Staff Restructuring: Framing of Recruitment Rules for the posts of Master Craftsman (MCM) and Chargeman both in the same GP of Rs.4200/-.

Ministry of Defence

Subject: Restructuring of cadre of artisan staff in Defence Establishment in modification of recommendations of 6th CPC-framing of Recruitment Rules for the posts of Master Craftsman (MCM) and Chargeman both in the same GP of Rs.4200/-.

1. Consequent upon the restructuring or the Artisan Staff Cadre vide MoD letter of even number dated 14.06.2010, a proposal was rorwarded to DOP&T for framing/amendment of RRs or the supervisory cadre.  However, DoPT had objection to promotion of MCM as Chargeman in the same GP of Rs.4200/-
2.  Apart from the above as per clarification given by The DOP&T, financial upgradation under MACPS cannot be to a Grade Pay which is more than what is admissible in regular promotion.  However, keeping in view the Staff Side views that as per existing RRs the post of MCM is not a feeder cadre for the post of Chargeman, the matter was again referred to the DOP&T for their reconsideration as to whether the financial upgradation under MACPS to the MCM can be given in the GP of Rs.4600/-.  DOP&T has opined that whether MCM is the feeder post to Chargeman, is prima facie a question of fact to be established by the administrative Ministry i.e. Ministry of Defence.  Moreover, Ministry of Finance has also not agreed to gratn of increment to MCM on their promotion in the same GP of Rs.4200/0 to the post of Chargemen.

3. To overcome the situation as explained in paragraph 1 and 2 above, in the meeting of the Seering Committiee for the 90th Departmental Council (JCM) held on 27.09.2013 the Staff Side has proposed that in the RRs for the post of Chargeman (GP Rs.4200/-), the post of Master Craftsman shall be made a transfer post for the post of Chargeman.
4, In order to further examine the Staff Side proposal as in paragraph 3 above all concerned are requested to furnish their views/comments on the Staff Side proposal by 15.11.2013 with the approval of competent authority.  A meeting will also be taken by Dir(CP) on 21.11.2013 at 11.30 A.M. in Room No. 123, B-Wing, Sena Bhawan to discuss the views of various field formations to facilitate a uniform decision on this issue. 
5. All concerned are requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting.
(M.S Sharma)
Under Secretary

MoD ID No.11(5)/2009-D(Civ-I) dated 05 November 2013

Source: http://bpms.org.in/documents/mcm-cm-hstw.pdf

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