Competency Dictionary for Civil Services: Inviting Inputs/Comments by DoPT

No. 12039/04/2011-PIIA
Government of India
Department of Personnel & Training
(Training Division)
Old JNU CamPus, New Delhi- L10067
Dated November 12,2013

Subject: Inviting Inputs/ Comments on Competency Dictionary for Civil Services.

National Training policy (NTP)- 2012 stipulates that each Government Department/Ministry should classify all posts with a clear job description and competencies required in order to move from the current system of rule-based Personnel Administration to Competency-based system of Strategic Human Resource Management’ The objective of moving towards a competency-based approach is to ensure that each job is performed by the person who has the required competencies for that job.
2. DoPT in collaboration with UNDP has prepared a Competency Dictionary for Civil Services to assist Departments/ Ministries/ Training Institutions in identification of competencies for various posts. This competency Dictionary has been developed in consultation with various stakeholders including Senior Civil Servants from Central and States Government Departments, cadre controlling Authorities, PM Award winners and Training Institutions’

3. The competency Dictionary is not specific to any Department/ Ministry, Function or Post’ However, this could be useful for Departments/ Ministries/ Training Institutions while identifying competencies for various posts and levels within their organizations’ An Implementation tool-kit has also been prepared to provide step-by-step guidance on how Departments/ organizations can identify competencies for each post.
4. Once the competencies for various posts are defined, an assessment of job-holder’s competencies vis-)-vis current or future roles could be carried out. This assessment is valuable in preparing the personal Development plan (pDp) for each officer to ensure that training is closely aligned to the specific needs. Training Institutions can play a vital role in this entire process from identifying the competencies to designing of Personal Development Plans’.
5. Inputs/ comments are invited from all Government Departments/ Ministries, Training Institutions, Civil Servants, HR Experts and Public in-general on Competency Dictionary for Civil services and lmplementation Tool-Kit. The Inputs/ comments may be sent latest by December 15′ 2013 to the undersigned (Email: [email protected]/ Postal Address: Room No’ 315′ Training Division, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT), Block 04, Old JNU Campus’ New Mehrauli Road, New Delhi – 110067).

(V.K. Sinha)
Deputy Secretary to the Government of India

Contents of Competency Dictionary for the Civil Services

Competency Dictionary for the Civil Services 

GoI-UNDP Project: ‘Strengthening Human Resource Management of Civil Service’ 
Competency Framework for the Civil Services 

Competency Framework for the Civil Services

The Pillars of Good Governance and Citizen Centric Administration

1. Competency Definitions: Ethos

2. Competency Definitions: Ethics

3. Competency Definitions: Equity

4. Competency Definitions: Efficiency
1. Ethos
1.1 People First
1.2 Strategic Thinking
1.3 Organisational Awareness
1.4 Commitment to the Organization
1.5 Leading Others

2. Ethics
2.1 Integrity
2.2 Self-Confidence
2.3 Attention to detail
2.4 Taking Accountability

3. Equity
3.1 Consultation and Consensus Building
3.2 Decision Making
3.3 Empathy
3.4 Delegation

4. Efficiency
4.1 Result Orientation
4.2 Conceptual thinking
4.3 Initiative and Drive
4.4 Seeking information
4.5 Planning and coordination
4.6 Desire for knowledge
4.7 Innovative thinking
4.8 Problem Solving

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