MACP Scheme on Hierarchy or option to choose ACP: Secretary, MoUD letter to DoPT

Reminder by Dr. Sudhir Krishna, Secretary, Ministry of Urban Development DO letter [click here to see] to Secretary DoPT regarding  MACP Scheme to CPWD Engineer:-

Dr. Sudhir Krishna
Secretary to the Government of India,
Ministry of Urban Development

D.O. No. 55.4/2013-S&D/8

Dated: 01 Oct, 2013

Dear Dr. Sarkar,

Kindly refer to my DO letter of even No dt. 13.8.2013 in connect:on with redressal of disadvantageous provisions of MACPS for the Subordinate Engineering cadre and similarly placed cadres CPWD.
The proposal sent by this Ministry in Jul’2013 for allowing individual option to choose either earlier ACPS or MACPS by the employee is a balanced and just one and caters to the concerns of all individuals.  DoPT must not have any reservation in accepting the same since change of the scheme by the Government should not be to the disadvantage of the individual employee.  
Already many court cases for review of the MACPS have cropped in. In this regard, would like to quote a Court Case (OA No. 275/2013) by some Assistant Engineers of CPWD for review of MACPS, draft counter reply to which quoting anomalous end disadvantageous provisions of MACPS was sent to DoPT for vetting. DoPT has not agreed to the reply and intimated that reply should be modified by the administrative ministry mentioning that operation of the both the schemes in the same cadre is against the provisions of MACPS other words individual option to employees to opt for either ACPS or MACPS is not permissible.

In this context, I would also bring to the notes that CAT, Chandigarh in OA No. 1038/2010 has allowed grant of financial upgradations under MACP in the promotional hierarchy, which has been upheld by Hon’ble High Court of Chandigarh in CWP 1938712011. Although the the case has not achieved fatality as the SLP had by the Government the in the Hon`ble Supreme Court was dismissed though not on merits but on account of non condonation of delay. Thus by allowing individual option. Government shall be saved of many expected court cases and possible grant of financial upgradations in the promotional hierarchy under MACPS.
Discontent in tno cadres is affecting the efficient functioning of the Department.  The problem shall further aggravate, if above proposal of this ministry does not find favour or DoPT in the circumstances would once again request to consider the proposal favourably, for allowing option to choose either ACP or MACPS by the individual.

With regards

Yours sincerely,
(Sudhir Krishna)

Dr. Syamal Kumar Sarkar
Secretary (Personnel)
Department of Personnel & Training
M/o Persornnel Public Grievances and Pensions
North Block, New Delhi.

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