Rationalisation of Industrial Trades in Ordnance Factories – Minutes of Meeting by INDWF


The following were present in the meeting:
1. Shri N.K.Varsheney, GM/MSF
2. Shri A. K. Nayak. DDG/IR
3. Shri S. K. Singh, Director/IR
4. Shri C. Srikumar, AIDEF
5. Shri R. Srinivasan, INDWF
6. Shri Sadhu Singh, BPMS

02. Continuing with the points discussed during the last meeting held on 13.12.2012, further deliberations were made, which went along the following lines.
03. During the last meeting held on 13.12.2012, some reservations were expressed by the staff side on merger of trades as a part of rationalization exercise, which may affect the promotional prospects of existing incumbents. The issue was deliberated at length and it was acknowledged that a change over from the existing system of trade-wise grade-wise seniority and promotion to grade-wise common seniority and promotion for all trades in a factory could be the way out.

04. Such a change over seems to be legally and administratively in order, as neither the SRO nor any of the Govt. orders stipulates that seniority and promotion are to be maintained/made trade-wise. In operational terms, the change over would mean the following:
(i) Grade-wise common seniority for all trades in a factory for the purpose of promotion
(ii) Grade-wise common reservation roster for all trades
(iii) Simplification in terms of grade-wise seniority list and reservation roster in stead of multiple grade-wise trade-wise seniority list and reservation roster.
05. The advantages of having grade-wise common seniority and promotion for all trades in a factory could be as follows:
(i) Disparity in promotion amongst trades would be removed
(ii) Vacancies which are locked in trade-wise inter grade ratio would be released for utilization.
(iii) This would enable merger of cognate trades without affecting the promotional prospects of existing incumbents.
06. While agreeing in principle with the above propositions brought out at para 3,4 & 5, the staff side stated that they would consult their constituents and come back with firm views by the next meeting. After concurrence from the staff side to the proposed grade-wise common seniority and promotion for all trades in a factory, the committee would work out merger of trades based on similarity of operation, scope for multi-skilling and promotional channel to chargeman.
07. It was agreed that there should be only one set of trades, without the distinction of Annexure-A & B. A certain percentage, say 20% may be earmarked as PR quota, to cater for promotion from labourer.
08. The views of Operating Divisions may be obtained on the proposed abolition of redundant trades as mentioned at para 7 and introduction of new trades as mentioned at para 8 of the minutes of meeting dated 13.12.2012. 
The meeting ended with a vote of thanks by Director/IR.


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