Dear friends,

               It has been informed you through our earlier letters that Confederation had decided to conduct a day long Dharna action at Jantar Mantar Delhi demanding immediate Constitution of 7th Pay Commission, Merger of 50% DA to Basic Pay, Grant of Interim Relief etc.  In the mean time we were eager to take up the LDC-UDC issue, which have been raising us for the last two years, in a larger platform and as such representatives of the Union/individual of LDC & UDC in various Departments were requested to come to the Dharna place of the Confederation on 9th January 2014. Prior to this, this Association has published a letter, in response to the comments posted in our web site on the subject, for discussion and finalization of the line of action to be taken to achieve the goal. Being a cadre issue Confederation has not been agreeing to include the LDC-UDC issue in its main charter of demands. But the popularity gained on the issue due to our efforts for quite some time has become a matter of attraction and rethinking by the Confederation also. In such a situation the presence of large number of representative of LDC-UDC in the Dharna would have been beneficial to impress the Confederation to add the demand in the main demands of the Confederation.
               But,  unfortunately, except the representatives of the Association which have membership of LDC & UDC who attend the Confederation meetings regularly, no new unit/individual has participated in the programme.  And yet, the issue of LDC-UDC have been discussed in the Dharna as well as the Extended National Executive Meeting on 10/01/2014 as several speakers including Shri M Krishnan, Secretary General Confederation termed the issue as genuine and pledged to support the fight.
               On the issue, Shri M Krishnan has advised me to prepare seriously for filing a case in the Principle CAT immediately.  He further said that the Confederation knows genuineness of the demand, but we have to convince the importance of the issue to the Government. Simply adding this item in the Confederation Charter will not work at this later stage (at the stage of the constitution of 7th CPC). Thus, in order to convey the seriousness of the issue to the 7th CPC also, filing a case in the Court is essential as the CPC monitor all pending court cases of grievances in its own importance which ultimately would pave way for a better pay scale for the LDC & UDCs in the 7th CPC.
               In view of the above this Association is intending to file a case in the Principle CAT Delhi and two Kolkata based Associations are also interested to join us.  In this connection necessary documents are being collected so that the case may be filed by March 2014.
               All members/readers are requested to keep the inspiration that given us so far continued. Please give your valuable suggestion through your comments, SMS, e-mail every stage to maintain our spirit to fight this genuine issue.

With warm regards,
Yours Sincerely
(TKR Pillai)
General Secretary

Mob No. 09425372172
Source: http://aiamshq.blogspot.in/2014/01/ldc-udc-issue-towardsa-final-action_11.html
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