Transfer and Deputation Policy Framework for IA&AS officers

Transfer and Deputation Policy Framework for IA&AS officers

1. General Principles

1.1 All IA&AS officers at all levels are liable to be transferred and posted anywhere within India and outside at short notice as per administrative requirements.
1.2. To ensure stability and continuity, every officer, generally, will have a minimum tenure of 2 years.
1.3. Officers may give their preferences for postings. While preference of individual officers will be given due consideration, transfers will be made as per administrative requirement.
1.4 Existing guidelines of DOP&T with respect to posting of husband and wife at the same station will be followed.

2. On promotion to SAG (Senior Administrative Grade)

2.1 On promotion to the level of PD/AG, every TAMS officer will be transferred out of the station irrespective of the number of years completed at that station.

3 Posting to the North Eastern Region, J&K etc.

3.1 The posting to any station in J&K, Andaman & Nicobar Islands and the North East Region including Sikkim, Assam, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Manipur, Nagaland, Tripura will be for a minimum period of two years.

3.2 On completion of two years in these difficult stations, an officer will be accommodated to a station of his choice, subject to availability of post.

4 Overseas Postings/Assignments

4.1 On return from overseas posting, posting should normally be done to a station other than home station or the last place of posting and also not to Hqrs. office.

5. Deputation Policy

5.1 No direct recruit IA&AS officer should be sent on Central deputation unless he has completed 9 (nine) years of service since appointment.
5.2 Promoted officers and LCE (Limited Competitive Examination) officers will be considered for Central & State deputation only after completion of three years of service.
6. These guidelines will not apply to cases of transfers on administrative grounds and exigencies of work.
Pocket-9, Deen Dayal upaclhyay Marg, New Delhi-110 124
No. 124-GE-I/184-2013
8 January 2014
Office Memorandum 

In compliance with the Supreme Court Judgement dated 31.10 2013 on the establishment of Civil Services Boards (CSBs) at the Union and State levels and fixation of tenure of Civil servants etc., the Comptroller and Auditor General of India has constituted two Central Services Boards. (Central Services Board-1 will deal with the transfer and posting of SAG and above level officers. Central Services Board -2 will deal with the transfer and postings of IA&AS officers below SAG level).
These instructions come into force with immediate effect.
(Sudha Rajan)
Assistant Comptroller &
Auditor General (Personnel)
Source: http://saiindia.gov.in/english/home/Quick_Links/Administrative_Resources/Transfer.pdf

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