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Expected DA from July, 2014: Article by 90paisa blog

An overview of articles about DEARNESS ALLOWANCE
It is an appreciable trend that articles about Dearness Allowances continue to be churned each day. There are plenty of advantages and benefits in giving your own interpretation on a topic that millions are interested in. It helps a great deal in creating consensus opinion. Social media are especially useful in accomplishing this.
A very famous example is the unity and camaraderie between pharmacists a few years ago, and their success. The contribution of social media in the current protests being conducted by LDCs and UDCs is worth taking note of.
There is no denial to the fact that revolutionary new opinions expressed on social media have been useful for many in many different ways. There is also no doubt in the fact that members of the unions, associations, and federations continue to watch the social media. You can bet that in the near future almost all these leaders of unions and associations would have created their own individual websites and started expressing their opinions almost immediately.

Let us get to the topic at hand…
The Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers points for last month was released on 31.03.2014. The index has risen by one point and stands at 238. As a result, the Dearness Allowance, which stood at 101.71 has now slightly increased to 102.79.
With the AICPIN data of only two months available, it has become clear that there is not even an increase of 3%. If the trend continues, the hike in DA would be very small this time. Though nothing can be speculated as of now, if the AICPIN doesn’t reduce, then there are chances of a 5% DA increase. If AICPIN points slump by bigger margins, there are chances that the DA percentage would decrease further.
To sum it up, this time, there is no possibility of getting the kind of DA hikes that were given in the past. But then, since we still don’t have the data for four months, it is difficult to accurately calculate.
‘Expected DA from July 2014’ completed its second step..!

Source: http://90paisa.blogspot.in/2014/04/expected-da-from-july-2014-overview-of.html

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