OFB’s clarification on correlation of Piece Work Rates

OFB’s clarification on correlation of Piece Work Rates on implementation of 6th CPC Pay Scales , dated 22.04.2014
Instruction No. 3408/A/A

Government of India 
Ministry of Defence 
Ordnance Factory Board 
10A, S.K.Bose Road 
Kolkata- 700 001
Dated: 22/04/2014

The Sr. General Manager/General Manager
Ordnance & Ordnance Equipment Factories

Sub: Correlation of Piece Work rates on implementation of 6th CPC Pay Scales 

Ref: OFB Instruction of no. 3400/A/A dated 11th March 2014

In continuation of OFB Instruction referred above, with reference to para no. 4.0 of OFB Instruction No. 1372/A/A dated 12-04-1991, the following clarification is issued for payment of incentive bonus to the maintenance workers of Ordnance and Ordnance Equipment Factories in 6th CPC pay scales w.e.f. March 2014:

Since the piece work rates for all categories/grades of workers are correlated at Rs. 7100/- in the e CPC pay scales w.e.f. march, 2014 essential maintenance workers covered under MoD letter No. 754/A/A/1623/11/D(Fy-I) dated 31-07-1972 may be paid incentive bonus at the rate of 50% of the average piece work profit percentage, earned by piece workers in the particular production shop or the whole factory as the case may be. This will calculated as follows :
7100 X No. of days + 7100 X Total No. OT Hrs worked X 50% of the average PW profit % of the production section or of the whole factory as the case may be
N-(S+H) 200

Where, N= Total number of days
S= No. of Sundays
H=No. of Holidays

(Arti C. Srivastava)

Source: www.bpms.org.in

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