Transfer Policy of National Informatics Centre (NIC)



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Will the Minister of COMMUNICATIONS AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY be pleased to state:-

(a) whether a transfer policy is in place in the National Informatics Centre (NIC);
(b) ifso, the details thereof;
(c) whether NIC has not been complying with the said transfer policy and the guidelines of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) during the last three years; and
(d) if so, the details thereof and the steps being taken by the Government for the compliance of transfer policy?



(a): Yes, Sir
(b): The Transfer Policy of National Informatics Centre (NIC) is given in the Annexure.
(c): The transfers on compassionate ground, own request, in public interest etc. are made as per Transfer Policy adopted in NIC.
The employees in the non S&T category posted in different sections which are sensitive in nature like purchase, stores, vigilance etc. are considered for rotational postings/transfers as per the guidelines of the Central Vigilance Commission,
(d): Does not arise

Transfer Policy of National Informatics Centre (NIC)

1.0     Introduction
1.1     NIC is a Premier Information-Technology Organisation in India providing State of the Art Solutions for Information Management and Decision Support in Government. A number of Services are being provided by NIC to all the Government Ministries/Departments/States/Districts.
1.2        NIC   is   providing    network   backbone   to   support   e-Governance   in   Central  Government, State Governments, UT Administrations, Districts and other Government. bodies. It offers a wide range of ICT services, including Nationwide Communication Network.
1.3     NIC presently has a total strength of 3822 S&T personnel and 738 Non-S&T personnel, at different levels, posted at ministries/departments of Gol and States, State Assemblies, High Courts, as well as district headquarters across the country.
1.4     This necessitates transfer of personnel from one location to another from time to time.
2.0   The Transfer Committee
2.1         Director General, NIC constitute a Committee to examine the cases of Transfers in NIC. The present committee has been reconstituted vide OM No.l7(8)/2013-Pers. dated 27.11.2013. (.Copy enclosed)
2.2     The above-mentioned Transfers Committee comprise of NINE senior level officers. Seven members of these are equivalent to JS-level in Gol, of which Five members are either functioning or have functioned as State Informatics Officer (SIO) at the NIC State Units for long periods.
3.0     The Guidelines / Criteria
3.1         Transfers are normally carried out on ‘Compassionate ground’. However, sometimes there are urgent requirements/exigencies of posting manpower at NIC Centres. In such cases, transfers are earned out in ‘Public interest’, in consultation and on recommendation of concerned Controlling Officers.
3.2     Requests for transfers on ‘Compassionate ground’ are invited from interested employees through a web-based closed-group online system (INTRANIC) of NIC, with the recommendations of their respective Heads of Division / Heads of Group / State Informatics Officer.
3.3     Individuals are  allowed to submit maximum  Three choices of Places  for transfer  in  the  order  of
preference. Efforts are made to consider the request as far as possible, subject to the availability of
vacancies, posting of substitute and other requirements.
3.4     The number of S&T personnel, transferred in a particular year in a State, are normally limited to 5% of the employees in that State, including districts.
3.5     The criteria followed by the Committee, in the order of priority, are as follows:
(a)  HL: Applications from the officials working in Hard Locations viz. North East, Islands of Andaman & Nicobar, Jammu & Kashmir etc., who have served in the present place of posting for more than three years. Officials working in notified difficult districts in a State for more than 3 years would be given preference for transfer within the state.
(b)  EC: Extreme Compassionate grounds.
(c)  SL: Applications from officials with the request for Spouse 3oining (whose spouses are working in Central / State Government / Public Sector) and who have served in the present place of posting for more than three years.
(d)  PI: Applications from officials who were transferred to present place of posting in ‘Public Interest’, and have completed more than 5 years. If the public interest transfer was a part of any complaint or inquiry, then his / her case would not be considered in this category.
(e)  OT: Applications from officials who are not in the above four categories and have served for more than three years at the present place of posting.
3.6    In addition to the above. Guidelines followed in case of Non-S&T personnel, are as follows:
(a)  When an Assistant level person is promoted to Section Officer level, he/she is mandatorily transferred out from his/her present place of posting in ‘Public Interest”.
(b)  The vacancy of a Section Officer is filled by transferring from among the existing Section Officers seniority-wise, after seeking their willingness.

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