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Recommend 20 per cent interim relief to govt employees: NMC urged to 7th Pay Commission

Recommend interim relief to govt employees: NMC
Press Trust of India Jammu May 3, 2014

National Mazdoor Conference today urged the chairman of the newly-constituted 7th pay commission to recommend 20 per cent interim relief in favour of both central and state government employees.
“We urge the chairman of the 7th pay commission that it should recommend to the new Central government (after the election) to accord the interim relief in favor of both central and state government employees and pensioners to the tune of 20 per cent interim relief in basic pay,” NMC president Subash Shastri said in a memorandum sent to the chairman of 7th pay commission.
These recommendation should be made soon after lifting up Model Code of Conduct, he said.
He also demanded merger of 50 per cent DA with the basic pay-pension and enhancement of retirement age of 62 years in case of central government employees.
Shastri emphasised that whenever the recommendation of the commission are submitted to the Central government, the Commission should extend these recommendations to the state governments in general and Jammu and Kashmir in particular.
He batted strongly for commencement of the negotiations with representatives of Associations, unions and Federations of Central government employees and pensioners so that report could be submitted within stipulated period.
“Since twenty months left to complete pay commission report, it has been urged to the chairman and other members of the 7th pay commission to pay visit to all states of the country to obtain views of state governments employees and pensioners organisations,” he said.
Shastri also urged the chairman to formulate National Pay policy for both central and state government employees and pensioners, adding that the 7th pay commission should be declared as the National pay commission.


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  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    You are absolutely right NPA should be increase @ 25 percent as like other allowance.

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    1-non practise allowance of central govt employees should increase to 50% from 25% as it has not increased for many years,2-rules regarding duties of doctors should be clearly defined as each organization manipulates differently.3-doctors should be given more responsibility like in checking of quality of food items purchased,regularization of over stayed leaves on medical grounds should be authenticated by doctor then only leave should be regularized.4-for improvement in forces policies of purchasing should be improved as sub standardized goods are purchased due to non impementation of cash purchase.5-unnecessary paperwork is done for small amounts,all allowances should be fixed and it should come in salary slip without involving any other paper work,a single order should be passed