Will Air Travel Concession for Jammu and NER be Extended?

 Will Air Travel Concession for Central Government Employees be Extended?
Will Air Travel Concession for all categories of Central Government Employees(not entitiled to travel by Air on LTC) be Extended for further two years..?
Will the air travel concession given to Central Government employees to travel to tourism spots in Jammu and NER areas be extended? 
Will the concession, which was being granted upto April 30(for NER) and June 16, 2014(J&K), be extended by another two years?
Will the new BJP Government continue to implement the concession which was offered by the previous Congress Government?
Will this scheme be available at least for those employees who didn’t avail of this concession before?
Will this air travel concession be given to travel to either Jammu or NER region?
Will this concession, being given in order to develop areas that have been identified as most backward, continue?

Questions like these continue to buzz in the midst of Central Government employees. As of now there are no indications that the concession would be extended. There are also no reports of any ministerial debates or discussions over this issue.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that the scheme, which offered air travel concession to all the Central Government employees, with exception to higher officials, gave social status to many. 
Irrespective of these, the families of employees who had availed of this facility are bound to thank the Government for this opportunity! 
[A Jammu-based newspaper reported that on June 18, the Union Ministry of Tourism extended the concession for further two years. It is totally unconfirmed till now. As and when orders regarding the extension are published by Dopt, the orders will be published in our website immediately. ]

Source: CGEN.in

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