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Action Taken Report on Pensioner’s Demand: SCOVA 24th Meeting

F. No. 42/29/2014-P&PW(G)
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare
3rd Floor, Lok Nayak Bhavan,
Khan Market, New Delhi – 110003
Date: 02nd Sept, 2014


All the Pensioners Associations under present SCOVA

Subject: Action Taken Report on the Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA).

Please find enclosed herewith a copy of Action Taken Report (AR) on the decisions of the 24th meeting of the Standing Committee of Voluntary Agencies (SCOVA) held on 5th February, 2014 under the Chairmanship of Hon’ble MOS(PP) in New Delhi for your kind perusal.
(Sujasha Choudhury)
Dy. Secretary (P)

Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
(Department of Pension & Pensioners’ Welfare)


S1. No Issues raised in the 24th SCOVA meeting Gist of Decision taken in the 24th 5COVA meeting Follow up Action
1. Sl. No. 1 of ATR.

Status of issue of revised PPOs to pre2006 pensioners
a) CPAO intimated that approximately 65,000 cases were pending for revision.

Secretary (Pension) informed that the Government has taken all possible steps to facilitate the completion of this task. Despite all these efforts, the very old cases where details are not forthcoming from pensioners and banks and are also not available with the Ministries and Departments are still pending. Secretary requested all the Associations to reach out to the pensioners to obtain the missing information. He also asked CPAO to segregate the remaining 65,000 cases Ministries/ Departments wise and conduct meeting with groups of 3-4 Ministries every week to facilitate early disposal of these cases.

As on 12.08.2014, 40,275 cases of are pending for

Civil Ministries/ Departments revision

Ministries/ Deptts Pre 1990 Pre 2006 Total
Civil Ministries/ Deptts 28,429 11,846 40,275

Meetings are being held at level of CGA, Add!. CGA, Chief Controller (Pensions) with Pro CCAs/CCAs/CAs for early disposal of remaining cases.

All Ministries/Departments have been directed by Controller General of Accounts(CGA) to finalise these cases by taking up matter with concern Head of Department, banks and by approaching to pensioners where documents/flies in respect of pensioners/family pensioners are not available with concerned


b) Ministry of Railways informed that as on date approximately 90,000 cases are left for revision. As these remaining cases are the complicated ones, these could be revised only by 30,Sep,2014. On the request of an Association the Ministry of Railways provided zone wise figures of pending pre-2006 PPOs. (Ann-II)

Target date:-30th Sept,2014.
Ministry of Railways

Current status of revised PPOs to pre-2006 pensioners is as under:

Total Pensioners PPOs revised PPOs . yet to

be revised
10,15,536 9,88,846 26,690

The outstanding cases are very old and hard core and are pending for want of office records updated details of pensioners etc.

However, efforts are being made to get these details from respective pension disbursing authorities to revise the same.

c) Department of Posts informed that only 1,395 cases remain for revision.

Target date: 31st March, 2014.
Department of Posts

Approximately 99.81% PPOs of pre-2006 have been revised.

Total PPOs PPOs revised PPOs yet be revised
1,70,426 1,70,098 328

d) Department of Telecommunications informed that of the approximately 29,000 pending cases, 17,000 pertains to BSNL and remaining relate to Department of Telecommunication.

Target date 30th June,


Department of Telecommunications

Status of revised PPOs to. pre-2006 pensioners as on 31.07.2014 is as under:

Total PPOs PPOs revised PPOs yet to be revised
53,126 45,350 7,776

e) Ministry of Defence informed that out of total 18.5 lakh pre-2006 pensioners, 1.8 lakh are Defence Civilian pensioners. 10.5 lakh PPOs have been revised, of· which 84,000 PPOs pertain to Defence Civilians.

Target date 30th Sept, 2014.
CGDA (Ministry of Defence)

The figure of 18.5 lakh pre-2006 pensioners was based on figures used by Pro CDA(Pension) Allahabad for budgetary purpose. Considering wastage @2.5% of pre-2006 pensioners/family pensioners every year (due to death), the number of PPOs required to be issued has been reassessed at 16.71 lakh. The status of revised PPOs till 31.08.2014 is as under:

Category PPOs revised PPOs yet to be revised
Defence pensioners 14.11 lakh
Defence Civilian Pensioners 2.11 lakh
Total 16.221akh 85,000

>> On a issue raised by the Associations, Hon’ble MOS(PP) desired that the North-East .Reqion must be covered in the regular Pension Adalats conducted by the Ministry of Defence. He would take up this issue with the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri.

(Action: CPAO, M/o Railways, D/o Posts, D/o Telecom, M/o Defence & D/oPPW)
Department of Ex-Servicemen

In case of Pension Adalat in North East Region is concerned, these have already been held periodically as under:-

(a) Jorhat (Assam):- 23rd & 24th Dec,2010

(b) Missamari (Assam):- 12th & 13th Nov, 2013 and in

(c) Shillong(Meghalaya):- proposed to be held in Oct, 2014.

2. S.No 2 of ATR:-·

New dispensary for


Ministry of Health & FW have not agreed to the request for opening of a new CGHS dispensary at Panchkula. The Hon’ble MOS(PP). stated that he will take up the matter again with the Hon’ble Minister of Health & Family Welfare.

(Action: Ministry of Health and FW, DoPPW)

The matter was taken by the then MOS (PP) with the then Health Minister vide DO letter dated 12.02.2014. In addition, JS(P) wrote a DO letter dated 24.06.2014 in the matter requesting for the present status of the proposals.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The matter has been examined in the Ministry. At present there is no proposal under consideration to open the CGHS Wellness Centre at Panchkula.

3. (23.4) of ATR

Broad Banding of Disability Element for

Pre-1996 cases.

The Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare informed that the case is being pursued vigorously with the Department of Expenditure, where it is under consideration. The issue of providing benefit of modified parity on disability element for invalid/disabled pensioners, which had been raised in the last SCOVA meeting, has still not been resolved. This is a serious matter and will be taken up by Hon’ble MOS(PP) with the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri.

( Action: D/o Expenditure & D/o Ex-Servicemen Welfare)
D/o Ex-Servicemen Welfare

The proposal is still pending and is being pursued vigorously with Department of expenditure and their concurrence is still awaited.

D/o Expenditure

D/o expenditure in June 2014 has stated that matter is under consideration

4. (24.1) Health Insurance Scheme for pensioners including those residing at non CGHS areas. An EFC memo on the proposed Health Insurance Scheme has been circulated to various Ministries/Departments for comments. The Scheme would benefit a large number of pensioners who at present cannot avail of CGHS benefits .. The representative of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that the Scheme envisages similar hospitalization benefits as in CGHS but does not include OPD facility. The beneficiaries of the Scheme would be entitled to a Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA) for OPD facility.

(Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)

We have requested Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to give the present status of the proposal.

Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The comments from certain Ministries/Departments have been received while it is awaited from some other Departments.

5. (24.2) Dedicated day for pensioners All the Ministries/Depa rtments were agreeable to fix a time in any day in a week to meeting the pensioners. They would inform the day fixed for the activity by 28th February, 2014. The matter will therefore be dropped after the issue of orders for the same.

(Action: All Ministries)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

CGHS has allotted a time slot every week from 11 am to 1 prn on Wednesday, in the office of Addl. Director/It. Director of respective CGHS zones/cities to meet and redress grievances of CGHS beneficiaries. Claim Adalats are also held periodically.

Department of Financial Services

The matter was taken up with Indian Banks Association (IBA). As per IBA, present system’ in banks permits any pensioner to meet officials in branches on all working days. So there no need to allot a particular day. Therefore, it is decided not to fix any stipulated day for such meetings.

Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

The office of PCDA(P) Allahabad is nodal office for resolving individual cases of defence pensioners. CGDA has informed that a dedicated reception Centre is functioning at the PCDA(P), Allahabad where a pensioner can visit on any of the working day and get his/her grievances resolved.

However, it may not be possible for the Department to fix a day and time in a week to meet. the pensioners as entry in the building premises is restricted and the fact that grievances of pensioners are redressed by the PSAs such as PCDA(P), Allahabad, PCDA)N), Mumbai and CDA(AF), Delhi to the extent they pertain to incorrect revision of pension etc.

However, Secretary/Jt. Secretary of the Department has been meeting the representatives of the ex-servicemen’s associations quite frequently to hear their grievances and to redress the same.

Department of Telecom

A time slot of 3 pm to 5 pm on every Wednesday in the office of DDG (Estt) and DDG(Accounts) has been finalised to meet the pensioners.

Department of Expenditure

Monday of every week has been fixed for meeting the pensioners.

Department of Personnel and Training

A time slot of 10 am to 11 am on every Friday in the office of Director (Admn) has been fixed for the redressal of pension grievances.

Department of Posts

Every Wednesday, between 3 pm to 4 pm in the office of Sr. AO/PEA in Dak Bhawan New Delhi and in the office of Accounts Officer/pension in all the Postal Accounts Offices has been fixed to answer the issues raised by the pensioners pending in Postal Accounts Offices.

Unsettled grievance at Postal Accounts Offices level within a reasonable time limit, may be entertained in the Office of Postal Directorate during indicated day and time.

Ministry of Railways

15th December every year has been decided as “Day for Pensioners”

6. (24.3) Special Family Pension for the Widows of Disabled War Veterans The representatives of M/o Defence informed that the issue is being actively pursued and comments are awaited from CGDA. Ministry of Defence was asked to expedite the same. For the civil side issue is being examined by D/oP&PW for Civil pensioners in consultation with Mjo Home Affairs and other concerned Departments.

(Action: Ministry of Defence)
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare

The matter had been considered in consultation with the Department of Expenditure, Office of CGDA and Ministry of Defence (Fin) and it has not been found possible to agree to the proposal.

7. (24.5) Grant of T.A. to Non- official Members attending the SCOVA meetings-Permission to perform journey by AIR and grant of actual expenses, when the journey performed is above 1,000 km. A proposal from DoPPW is under consideration in D/o Expenditure Expenditure.

(Action: DoPPW & Deptt. of Expenditure)
DoPPW and Department of Expenditure

Order in this regard had been issued vide DoPPW’s’FoNo 42/11j2014-P&PW(G) dated 19.05.2014.
8. iii) 51. No. 2 of Ann-A: (13)

The Orders of Ministry of Health reiterating that all the pensioners are at liberty to opt themselves with any of the nearest CGHS hospital/ dispensary may . be widely circulated. Arbitrary orders dated 01/08/1996 and 01/09/1996 issued by Ministry of Health and Director of CGHS may be withdrawn and the benefit of CGHS facilities be allowed to the pensioners of Department of Post and Department of Telecom.

16(i):Medical facilities for existinq P&T pensioners

As regards (13) & 16(i): The representatives of Ministry of Health & Family Welfare informed that the matter is sub-judice.

(Action: Ministry of Health and Family Welfare)
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

>> In respect of point (13) and 16(i)

The matter is sub-judice.

9. Sl. No 4 of Ann-A

Anomaly in fixation of pension to DoT employees absorbed in BSNL, who retired between 1.10.2000 and 31.7.2001.
Jt. Secretary (Pension) informed that although a proposal in this respect was received from D/O Telecomm. on 22.10.2013, some clarifications requested were received only on 03.02.2014. The proposal of 0/0 Telecomm is under examination. Response of O/oP&PW will be communicated to Oeptt. of Telecommunications at the earliest.

(Action: Department of Telecommunications & D/o P&PW)

A proposal received from Department of Telecomm was examined and some further information/clarifications were sought from the Department of Telecomm vide ID note dtd. 28.02.2014 and reminders dated 06.06.2014 and 23.06.2014.

Department of Telecom.

The information is being collected from BSNL Corporate Office/MTNL. A reminder dated 20.08.2014 was also issued to BSNL/MTNL.

As soon as reply is received from them,. the proposal will be sent again to OoPPW for final decision.

10 Sl. No 5 of Ann-A Merger of 78.2% IDA with basic pension benefit to the absorbed BSNL Pensioners: – D/oP&PW has already communicated its ‘No Objection’ to the proposal subject to the approval of Deott, of Expenditure. D/oTelecomm. has referred the proposal to D/o Expenditure. The matter is under examination in D/o Expenditure.

(Action: D/o Telecom & 0/0 P&PW)

DoPPW has already communicated it’s ‘No Objection’ to the proposal subject to the approval of Department of Expenditure. DoPPW requested Department of Telecomm to give the present status of the proposal vide letter dated 20.06.2014

Department of Telecomm

Department of Expenditure had sought some more information/clarifications. Requisite information/clarifications were. furnished to Department of Expenditure on 11.07.2014. The decision of Deptt. of Expenditure is awaited.

11 (23.2) or S1. No 6 of Ann-A

Extension of benefit of upgraded Grade Pay to pre2006 retirees of 5-12 grade.
The representatives from Department of Expenditure intimated that since the matter is sub-judice no decision can be taken.

(Action: Department of Expenditure & DoPPW)
DoPPW and Department of Expenditure

Ministry of Finance clarified that the scale of Rs 6500-10500 has been upgraded to the scale of Rs 7450-11,500 and after revision in the Pay Band in PB-2 with grade pay of Rs 4600. Therefore, in terms of OM dated 11.5.2011 the pre-2006 pensioners who held the pre-revised scale of Rs 650010,500 at the time of their retirement are not entitled for stepping up of their pension and family pension with reference to the revised grade pay of Rs 4600/-.

Karnataka High Court vide its order dtd 06.03.2014 directed that the order dtd 08.03.2013 of CAT in OA No 2321/12 may be complied with in the event of the 5LP No 36148-50/13 were to be dismissed and if the 5LP were not to be allowed, the order dtd 08.03.2013 of CAT stands rejected. In the order dtd 08.03.2013 in OA No 253/12, CAT Bangalore Bench reproduced the operative part of the order dtd 01.11.2011 if CAT Pro Bench in OA No 655/2010 and directed the respondents to refix the pension. Apparently the direction was for re-fixation of pension in terms of order dtd 01.11.2011 of CAT, Pro Bench and there seems to be not direction to allow the benfit of Grade Pay of Rs 4600/-

12 (23.7) or Sl. No 8 of Ann-A

Extension of benefit of OM dt. 28.1.2013 w.e.f 1.1. 2006 instead of 24.9.2012
The matter is sub-judice, no decision can be taken.

(Action:D/o P&PW)

Four OAs were decided by a common order dated 01.11.2011 of CAT, New Delhi. In OA No 655/2010 curative petition has been dismissed by Hon’ble Supreme Court. In compliance to order dtd 15.05.2014 of CAT, Pro Bench, New Delhi action is being taken to implement the CAT order dtd 01.11.2011 in respect of petitioner in OA No 655/2010 only.

Law Ministry has advised to await the outcome ‘of SLP No 655/2010 before deciding in respect of other pre-2006 pensioners. Next hearing in SLP No 36148-50/2013 is on 16.9.2014.

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