Message from Director, CGHS regarding Medicines

Dear CGHS Beneficiary,

Off late there are apprehensions on the orders issued on 25th August 20l4. It is clarified that intention is not to deny the availability of essential medicines to CGHS beneficiaries. CGHS is committed to provide quality health care to its beneficiaries.
In the meantime, steps are initiated to allow medicines from existing formularies of ECHS, ESI & AIIIVIS also. Anti Cancer and other similar medicines are however supplied on a case to case basis. Only the medicines approved by DCGI for use in India shall be supplied. In case an Indian version is available, which is cheaper than the imported medicine, only the Indian medicine shall be supplied even if, an imported medicine has been prescribed.

CGHS has already set up a mechanism to update the formulary on continuous basis.

With Regards,
Director (CGHS)

Source: http://msotransparent.nic.in/writereaddata/cghsdata/linkimages/8936106293.pdf

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  • In addition to the problems of CGHS beneficiaries visiting their kids staying abroad, the CGHS beneficiaries staying away from CGHS Wellness Centres will have to pork out extra money for visiting CGHS Wellness Centres and physical strain and stress , when they are supposed to be living the last leg of their life with honour and dignity.
    It will be too much for the senior citizens when even they are dependent at the mercy of their kids.

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    In the impugned circular it was also mentioned that medicines for beneficiaries going abroad will be restricted to ONLY 3 MONTHS. I think this will creat a lot of problems for those persons ( particularly senior citizens ) who may be visiting their sons/daughters/other family members during summer for more than 3 months