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PM to fulfill the promises made on ‘One-Rank One-Pension’

New Delhi: Modi assured the Commanders that he would do everything to fulfill the promises made on ‘One-Rank One-Pension, improving service conditions, and creating better safety nets and opportunities for services after retirement.
He said India`s Armed Forces, which represent the world’s largest democracy, were second to none in professionalism, valour, commitment, service and duty.
The armed forces have always vindicated the faith and confidence that people of India placed in them, whether it is  for our nation`s security or for relief in times of natural calamities, he said.
Modi thanked the Armed Forces for their extraordinary service to the people during the floods in Jammu and Kashmir and the cyclone on the East Coast.

He paid tribute to the tradition and training that inculcated the highest ideals and professional capabilities in our Armed Forces. The nations trust was the biggest strength of our Armed Forces’, he said.

Source: http://www.indiatvnews.com/news/india/pm-to-fulfill-the-promises-made-on-one-rank-one-pension-43290.html

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  • Our PM should declare the final OROP FOR THE armed Forces before the next revision of the MPs emoluments.

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    The Prime Minister said the promise of One Rank, One Pension had been fulfilled,? when? how? hope all of u have received the sanctioned amount from pm relief fund thanks to our pm for this happy diwali hope every year we will received like this false promise and false fulfill ment news from our big netas and babus which will publish through our news[aper and tv channels

  • Anonymous 10 years ago

    Thanks to pm sir for diwali wish with a false statement that OROP IS cleared for fouji pm seen that they are in very good condition in sieachin enjoying every thing more than netas babus and all other indians , so that they have to do all thing to enjoy diwali and other thing for the hole nation by sacrefising their life, politial netas will come some time and will give some promise to show the nation that they are very much thinking for fouji , they are like donkey when doing service and after service also only few good song , good lecture and some time sweet distrubuation will enaugh for them, so AS SAID OROP IS SANCTIONED IS ANATHER FALSE NEWS PLEASE BEAR WITH THAT DO NOT EXPECT ANY THING SORRY FOR THE BLACK DIWALI FOR RETIRED AND TOUGH LIFE FOUJU , BUT DONT FORGET INDIA IS OUR MOTHER LAND