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Will the 7th Central Pay Commission present an Interim Report to the Central Government?

 Will the 7th Central Pay Commission present an Interim Report to the Central Government?

Why are central government employees so keen to know about the interim report?

A few months ago, excitement was sparked by an opinion expressed by the Karnataka Pensioners Association’s chief, Ramnath Rao, after his meeting with the members of the 7th Pay Commission.
He said that the chairman of the 7th Pay Commission had told him that an interim report would be presented only if the Government gives its direction.
Last month, on the 25th, the Ministry of Finance presented a written reply to a question raised during the Parliamentary session. The reply stated that the Government had given complete autonomy to the Pay Commission to function without any interference from them. The Commission has, until now, not presented any report to the Government. And, as stated in the Terms of Reference, the Commission will submit its report to the Government within the stipulated time.

Why this curiosity about interim report?

The transparency in the functioning of the Commission is a laudable one. The regular updates on its website about the Commission’s activities too have received positive response from one and all.
For more than three years, there has been a demand to add 50% Dearness Allowance with the basic salary of the Central Staff. After the demand for interim relief too has strengthened. All Central Government employees federations are fighting in order to get these demands fulfilled.
The Centre continues to reject these demands. The Government explains that 50% DA was added to the basic salary only because the 5th Pay Commission had made the recommendation. There were no such recommendations in the 6th Pay Commission. The Government has also clarified that interim relief will be granted only if the Pay Commission recommends it. It is under these circumstances that the Pay Commission’s interim report gains significance.
Nearly ten months have passed since the 7th Pay Commission was constituted. With only eight more months to go, it remains to be seen if an interim report will be presented. Even if a report is presented, will it recommend interim relief to the employees?

All things come to those who wait..!


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