Annual Medical Examination for the Group ‘A’ officers of CCS / posts of age 40 years and above

Annual Medical Examination for the Group ‘A’ officers of CCS / posts of age 40 years and above: DoPT Order

No. 21011/1/2009-Estt (A)- Part.
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
(Department of Personnel and Training)

North Block, New Delhi, 15th January, 2015


Sub:- Annual Medical Examination for the Group ‘A’ officers of Central Civil Services/posts of age 40 years and above.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department’s OM of even number dated 1st February, 2012 and 20th March, 2013 on the above subject whereby the scheme of Annual Medical Examination in respect of Group ‘A’ officers of Central Civil Services/posts of age 40 years and above had been circulated in consultation with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare. In this OM, the regime of medical tests to be conducted, the package rates applicable and the list of 26 Hospitals which had agreed to conduct the Annual Medical Examination under the Scheme were prescribed. Subsequently, vide OM of even number dated 20th March, 2013, full address of the 26 Hospitals in Delhi/NCR circulated with OM dated 1s t February, 2012, was notified. ( Available and downloadable from the website of this Department – http://persmin. nic.in => OMs & Orders => Establishment).
2. In OM No.21011/1/2009-Estt (A) Part dated 2e March, 2013, the list of empanelled Hospitals in the areas other than Delhi NCR as provided by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide their OM No.A.17020/1/2010-MS dated 28th December, 2012, was attached.
3. The matter regarding empanelment of hospitals for the required Medical Examination was again taken up by this Department with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.
4. Ministry of Health & Family Welfare vide O.M No.S.11045/36/2012-CGHS(HEC) dated 1st October, 2014 have conyed the details of fresh empanelment of private Health Care Organisations (HCO) and revision of package rates applicable under CGHS Delhi & NCR which are valid for two years. This OM dated 1st October, 2014 can be downloaded from their website www.mohfw.nic.ineghsnewindex.asp. With this OM dated 1st October, 2014, a list of approved Private Health Care Organisation (HC0s), which are empanelled under CGHS in Delhi/NCR area, has also been enclosed.
5. In accordance with Para 3(M) of the agreement entered into by the Ministry of Health & FW with these Hospitals (copy enclosed with their above mentioned O.M No.S.11045/36/2012- CGHS(HEC) dated 1st October, 2014), it has been made obligatory for these Hospitals to conduct Annual Medical Examination as per the prescribed format and approved rates .The agreement has provided that these empanelled Hospitals shall agree for conducting all investigations/diagnostic tests/consultation etc. of the Central Civil Service Group “A” officer of above 40 years of age
and other categories of CGHS beneficiaries as specified by Government from time to time as per the prescribed protocol, subject to the condition that the hospital shall not charge more than Rs.2000/- for conducting the prescribed medical examination of the male officers and Rs.2200/- for female officers of Central Government who come to the hospital/institution with the requisite permission letter from their Department/Ministry/ Competent Authority. Accordingly, Group “A” officers of Central Civil Services/Posts of age of 40 years and above can have the required Annual Medical Examination conducted by the Hospitals listed with the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s above referred No.S.11045/36/2012-CGHS(HEC) dated 1sst October, 2014 referred in para 4 above.
6. In non-CGHS areas, the number of hospitals empanelled under CS (MA) Rules, 1944 being relatively lower ,the different departments/offices may identify one or more hospital locally and refer their Group ‘A’ officers to such hospital for annual medical examination as per the prescribed schedule and rate i.e. Rs. 2000/- for men and Rs. 2200/- for women officers. State Government hospitals or semi-Govt./Public Sector Undertaking’s(PSU) hospitals may also be contacted for the purpose accordingly.

(Prem Chand)
Under Secretary to the Government of India

Source/View/Download: www.persmin.nic.in

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