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IRTSA delegates met 7th CPC on 12-12-2014 at Jodhpur

IRTSA DELEGATES MET 7th CPC on 12-12-2014 at Jodhpur

Well organised & impressive presentation on the issues of Technical Supervisors/ Supervising Engineers jodhpur, 12th Dec, 2014
IRTSA delegates met 7th Central Pay Commission and presented a strong case on the demands pertaining to Technical Supervisors / Supervising Engineers.
Through an exclusive well organised and impressive Power Point Presentation and an exhaustive inter action with the entire Pannel – including the Chairman and all Members of the Commission.

The team included the following Senior CEC Members of IRTSA:

1. Er.Darshanlal, Working President / IRTSA
2. Er.K.V.Ramesh, Seniorjoint General Secretary/ IRTSA
3. Er.O.N.Purohit, Central Treasurer/ IRTSA
4. Er.M.K.Bhatnagar,Zonal Secretary IRTSA RCF
5. Er.jatana, joint General Secretary/ IRTSA
6. Er.j agatar Singh, joint General Secretary/ IRTSA

1. In his introduction speech Er.Darshanlal, Working President IRTSA thanked 7th CPC for giving the chance for oral evidence and explained about IRTSA & the category. He said that apex category of Technical Supervisors had received raw deal always and their pay scale, promotional avenue are grievously inadequate. Graduate Engineers recruited in the GP of Rs.4600 remains in same Grade Pay without any promotion & 1 Es after getting one promotion to SSE remains in same Grade Pay for many years. He also told that proposal sent by Railway Board to Finance Ministry to upgrade the Grade Pay of SSE has not understood well and returned back. MACPS have not brought expected relief and motivation o the category. Group ‘B’ (Gaz) recommended by Pay Commissions were not implemented in Railways. He also told that SSE scale has been downgraded compared to others and there is heretical confusion.

2. Er.K.V.RAMESH, SeniorJGS / IRTSA made a Power Point Presentation on main demands pertaining to Technical Supervisors / Supervising Engineers. (A copy of the PPP is placed on the Website of IRTSA) 
Following main points were explained in the PP presentation
1. Direct responsibility shouldered by the category in Production, repair maintenance of rolling stock, locos, P.Way, Bridges, Power distribution, Signal & Telecommunication, machinery plant & equipments, Design Drawing, Chemical & Metallurgical lab, Stores, IT etc were explained. 
2. Hierarchy of Technical Supervisors in Indian Railways – Supervision of Five grades of Skilled & semi skilled besides ministerial category including Chief Office Superintendent etc.
3. Determination of new Grade Pay / Pay scale by job Evaluation duly taking into account Duties, responsibilities and accountabilities shouldered by each category / post and Technical categories which shoulder direct responsibilities who should be placed one grade higher than-non technical supporting categories (as prior to 5th CPC).
4. a. Replacement Grade Pay of Rs.4800 to j E and Rs.5400 to SSE.
b. Similarly placed posts of CMA, DMS & j E/ IT should be granted the pay at par with Junior Engineer.
c. Similarly placed posts of CMS, CDMS & SE/ IT should be granted the pay at par with Senior Section Engineer.
5. Disturbance of vertical relativity between JE and Sr.Technician who work under J E in violation of 5th & 6th CPC recommendations were highlighted.
6. Categories which were in the Pay Scale of 425-700 during 3rcl CPC are placed in the GP of Rs.4800] 4600, whereas I E-I who were in the pay scale of Rs.550-750 are placed in the GP of only Rs.4200.
7. Disregard to Duties & Responsibilities shouldered by SSE.
8. Exclusive pay scales (Rs.840-1040 & 840-1200) recommended by 3rd CPC for Technical Supervisors were diluted and many categories who were in two grade below are placed in GP Rs.5400/ 4800 by 6th CPC.
9. Scale of SSE was placed over Group ‘A’ & Group ‘B” posts previously but now degraded.
10. Un-just multiplication factor adopted by 5th CPC and the disadvantage carried through to 6th CPC.
11. Highest Recruitment Qualification of Gradate in Engineering with one year training and stagnation of Engineering Graduates in recruitment grade for more than 20 years.
12. Discrimination in the Grade Pay of CMA-l which has the element of DR with Gradate in Engineering.
13. Incumbents of SSE, CMS, CDMS & Sr.Er/ IT are stagnated in same grade till 4th CPC.
14. Meager number of Posts in Group A & B vis-a-vis Group C on the Railways as compared to all other Central Government Departments.
15. Promotion chances limited to vacancies arising in 4200 Group ‘B’ posts. 
16. Non implementation of previous pay commission recommendations DoPT orders on classification of posts as Group-B Gazetted.
17. Posts carrying similar functions have to be given the same classification as per DoPT’s submission to 5th CPC.
18. Cadre restructuring didn’t bring any relief to senior supervisors (SSE/ CMS/ CDMS).
19. Number of Gazetted posts increased by 36% in other Govt. Departments over last 8 years, but not in Railways.
20. Necessity to have combined cadre structure for Group ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C”.
21. Requirement of higher number of managerial posts to meet out the increased plan outlay of Railways during 12th plan and to manage huge outsourcing.
22. Anomalies and Improvements required to be done in MAPCS & Time bound promotions to Technical Supervisors/ Supervising Engineers. 
23. Allowances pertaining to the category.
INTER-ACTION BY CPC PANEL: Honorable Chairman 7th CPC interacted with IRTSA team to clarify his doubts beside Secretary and other Members who also interacted with IRTSA team. Detais of the Inter-action will follow. [Click here to view Clarifications sought by 7TH CPC during Oral Evidence]
Source: http://www.irtsa.net/pdfdocs/Meeting_7th_CPC_Jodhpur_12-12-2014.pdf

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