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Policy guideline for issue of OG Cloth in lieu of stitched OG Uniform to JCOs and ORs of regular Indian army and territorial army

Policy guideline for issue of OG Cloth in lieu of stitched OG Uniform to JCOs and ORs of regular Indian army and territorial army:- PCDA, Lucknow Important Circular

No. IA/I/1392/Circular/2013-14
O/o The PCDA (CC), Lucknow
Dated : 09.01.20l5

The Officer I/C

Sub : Policy guideline for issue of OG Cloth in lieu of stitched OG Uniform to JCOs and ORs of regular Indian army and territorial army.

A copy of Dir EM (GS&C) MGO Branch, [HQ of MoD (Army) letter no. 8/822441/ 26/OG/MGO/ EM(GS&C) dated 27.10.2014 along with Appendix ‘A’& ‘B’ on the subject matter is forwarded herewith for necessary action at your end.


General Stores and Clothing Group
Equipment Management Directorate
Master General of Ordnance Branch
HQ, Ministry of Defence (Army)
Room No. 206, ‘A’ Wing.‘Sena Bhawan
DHQ PO, New Delhi- l 10 011


27 Oct 2014



l. A Pilot Project for issue of OG Cloth in lieu of stitched OG uniforms for 1/3rd Army was sanctioned in the year 2008-09 by the Hon’ble Raksha Mantri as a test case to overcome the problem of fitting, colour mis-match and quality in we DO uniforms supplied by Ordnance factories. Guidelines for its implementation was issued vide MGO/OS PII Note No. A/20634/CLO-1/X/OS-PII dated 08 Jan 2010.
2. Feedback on the Pilot Project was received from the environment wherein the concept of issuing cloth in lieu of uniforms was appreciated by all. However, units/formations had expressed their reservations on methodology for getting the cloth stitched under formation arrangement.
3. A case based on feedback received from units/formations was initiated with Ministry of Defence for implementation of the Pilot Project with certain modifications. Ministry of Defence has issued a Government Sanction Letter (GSL) vidc their File No. 12(5)/08/D(O-l)-Vol-III dated 31 Dec 2012 for issue of OG cloth in lieu of 50% of Army’s requirement and balance 50% to continue hitherto fore as OG uniforms supplied by Ordnance Factories.


4. The aim of this letter is to amplify the GSL for issue of OG cloth in lieu of stitched uniforms and lay down guidelines for its smooth implementation by
all stake holders.

Methodology for Implementation

5. Procurement of OG Cloth Pieces by OS Dte. Actions to be initiated by OS Dte for procurement of OG Cloth for 50% of Army’s requirement are as given below:-
(a) Quantities revealed as per Annual Provisioning Review for OG uniform will be divided in the ratio of 50:50 between OFB and Trade.
(b) Indents for 50% of CG Uniforms will be loaded on OFB as per existing procedure in vogue.
(c) The quantity from trade will be procured from trade by Central Procurement Cell under Ordnance Directorate through Open Tender Enquiry from composite mills having the facility of spinning, weaving and processing of cloth.
(d) A cloth piece measuring 3.4 meters x 1.5 meters against each set of OG uniform (Shirt and Trouser) will be packaged in separate poly packing for issue to troops.
(e) Procurement through trade will be as per DPM-2009 (or any other new version replacing DPM-2009). Procurement may be from more than two vendors by apportionment of quantities, as per their capacities; as per GSL.
(f) Capacity verification of the participating vendors will be done after TEC stage and before commercial bids are Opened.
(g) The specification for 06 cloth will be same as being used by Ordnance Factories for supply of OG Uniforms. Specifications for 06 fabric will only be changed with the approval of MGO Branch. It will be ensured that cloth procured by Ordnance Directorate for issue to troops and cloth procured by Ordnance Factories for manufacture of OG uniform are of the same specifications with assistance from DGQA.
(h) Transportation model for distribution of OG cloth pieces to Regional Ordnance Depots’ (RODS) by the manufacturers to be incorporated in the Tender Inquiries to ensure faster delivery without deterioration in quality due to long storage and multiple handlings.
(j) The CO cloth pieces procured by Ordnance Directorate will be booked to central head i.e. 01/416/02 and payment will be made by PCDA HQ, G-Block, New Delhi under Maj Head-2076/110(c) Code head- 416/02.

6. Distribution of CG Cloth Pieces.  Ordnance echelons will follow the following procedure for distribution of OG uniform/CG cloth pieces:-

(a) The concept of issuing OG cloth in lieu of OG uniform involves issue of 06 Shirt and Trouser as a set. It may be possible that due date for OG Shirt and Trouser may be different due to the fact that both the items have different Cat Part Nos and may have been issued at different dates. Hence, issuing ordnance echelons will apportion the entire quantity of a unit’s demand in the ratio of 50 : 50 for 06 cloth pieces and OG uniforms. Any variations in demanded quantities between OG Shirt and OG Trouser due to separate CAT Part Nos of the two items will be adjusted against issue of stitched uniforms. OG Cloth pieces will be issued against equal quantities ot 00 Shirts and Trousers. The above methodology is explained as under:-

(i) Suppose the quantity demanded by a unit from a dependent ordnance echelon based on Life Cycle Concept (LCC) is qty 480 OG Shirts and qty 500 Nos OG Trousers.

(ii) Then the demand will be apportioned in the ratio of 50 : 50 as explained below:-
(aa) OG Cloth Piece. Qty 240 cloth pieces against the demand of Qty 240 stitched OG Shirts and Qty 240
stitched Trousers.
(ab) Stitched Uniforms. Qty 240 stitched OG Shirts and Qty 260 stitched Trousers.
(b) The procurement process of 06 cloth pieces may take some time to stabilise. Hence, dependent ordnance echelon can issue stitched uniforms in lieu of demanded cloth pieces to ensure that troops are not deprived of their authorised OC uniforms. However, vice versa of issuing OG Cloth against demand of OG uniform is not permitted.

7. Accounting at Unit Level.  The GSL mandates each JCO and OR to be alternatively issued with one pair of stitched uniform (ex ordnance factories) and one OG cloth piece (measuring 3.4 meters x 1.5 meters) as per the LCC. The GSL also stipulates authorisation of stitching allowance of Rs.225/- to JCOs and OR who are issued with 00 cloth piece against their authorisation and an automatic increase by 5% per annum at the beginning of every financial year, starting from F.Y. 2013-14. This stitching allowance has to be paid through respective Pay and Accounts Offices of JCOS and OR after publication of Part II order by unit/regiment/formation which has issued the OG cloth piece to the individual. Hence, the methodology to be adopted by user units/regiments/ Formations will he as under:-

(a) Units will issue OG uniform / OG cloth piece in lieu of OG uniform to JCOs and OR as per the LCC on due dates as per the records maintained in the Clothing Card of an individual. The stitching charges will be applicable with immediate effect on physical issue of OG Cloth in lieu of Stitched uniform.
(b) In case a JCO/OR is issued with OG cloth piece then an entry in his Unit Clothing Record Register and Clothing Card will be made in bold capital with red pen stating “OG CLOTH PIECE ISSUED” along with the date of issue. In the cases where the due date of issue for Shirt and Trouser are different, the earliest date, due for issue of any of the two, will be taken for issuing CG Cloth.

(c) A list as per format given at Appendix ‘A’ of all individuals issued with OG cloth piece for the period covering first day of the month till last date of the month will be compiled and counter signed by the Commanding Officer/Officer Commanding, and will form basis for publication of Part II order by the unit for grant of stitching allowance to JCOs and OR.

(d) The rate of stitching allowance with 5% annual increase commencing from 2014-15 and similarly increased rate for subsequent year are as under:-

S.No. F.Y. Stiching Allce per issue of OG Cloth Piece Remark
(i) 2014-15 248/- @ 5% increase per annum totalling to the nearest rupee
(ii) 2015-16 260/-
(iii) 2016-17 273/-
(iv) 2017-18 287/-
(v) 2018-19 301/-

(e) The self certified bill from any tailor/shop will be acceptable, to claim stitching charges. For speedy adjustment of stitching charges, the responsibility to verify the bill will rest with OC unit and the following certificates will be endorsed by the unit on Part 11 Order and the bills will be retained for their record:-

(i) Self certified original bill/receipts have been submitted by the individual and the same have been checked, verified and found correct.
(ii) Stitching charges are being claimed by the individual-for OG cloth issued to him for life cycle DD-MM-YYYY to DD-MM-YYYY.
(iii) Certified that the amount claimed has actually been paid by the individual.
(iv) As per records held with this office, the charges being preferred have not been claimed earlier.
(f) Format for Part II Order is att as Appx ‘B’.
(g) OG cloth piece will be alternated with issue of stitched OG uniform to a JCO/OR. To overcome the availability of stitched uniform with that of cloth, suitable measures at unit level may be incorporated.

8. Actions by Respective PAO {R}. The process of procurement of OG Cloth in lieu of stitched uniform is under progress through the Ordnance Directorate. On receipt of OG Cloth through the Ordnance Channels and issued to tps Part II orders will be published by the units as per format given in Appendix ‘B’ and necessary payment will be credited by respective PAOs.

9. Budget Head for Stitching Allowance. The amount on account of stitching allowance will be debited to Major Head ‘ 2076, Minor Head – 101 for JCOs and OR of Regular Army and 103 for JCOs and OR of Territorial Army and Minor Head 112 for JCOS and OR of RR under“ Pay and Allowances’ head. Budgetary allotment for Minor Head 101 and 103 will be made by AG Budget and in respect of Minor. Head 112 will be made by DGRR for the above mentioned authorisation at the rate of stitching allowance applicable for that F.Y. The provisions for ‘Stitching Allowance’ will be included in Classification Hand Book of Defence Services Receipt and Charges through Directorate General of Financial Planning (DG FP).


10. The above Policy Guidelines have been issued for implementation of the GSL authorising oG cloth in lieu of 50% requirement of stitched OG uniforms. Its smooth implementation will ensure timely review by Defence Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR) to ascertain satisfaction level amongst troops and its impact on improvement of turnout of soldiers of the Indian Army.

(Harjot Singh)
Dir EM(GS&C)



Source: http://pcdacc.gov.in/download/circularsnew/policy_guideline.pdf

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