Merger of DA is just a Distant Mirage: GServant

Merger of  DA is just a Distant Mirage – Now its become a unrealistic expectation

Almost all the Federations adopted the resolution in their Meetings and submitted Memorandum to Central Government and 7th pay commission for merger of 50% DA with Basic Pay. The matter has been raised in Parliament several occasions, but until now the central government, whether it is NDA or UPA – not ready to accept this demand. The central Government always responded with a ready-made answer to this query as “since it has not been recommended by sixth CPC, there is no question of considering to merge the DA with pay”. What benefits are loosing without merger of DA? click here to view
When the DA was reached 50%, the federations were not having that much hope that merger of 50% DA would be considered by the then Government. But when the DA was at the verge of reaching 100% Level, they started demanding like anything to consider Merger of DA as General Election for Parliament was due at the time. It seemed that the UPA Government was ready to accept this demand to woo the voters, since the Central and State Government Employees and their family members alone comprise considerable Vote bank. But the UPA government failed to fulfill the central government employee’s hope in its tenure.  The only good thing done to the central government servants by the previous government was constitution of 7th Pay Commission well in advance.

The approach of NDA government towards the central government employees clearly shows that the merger of DA with pay is not going to happen anyway. Because the way this demand has been handled by the Government and 7th Pay Commission shows that it will not be an achievable target for central government employees. The central government and 7th pay commission are not ready to accept or not even give in-principle nod for this Merger of DA proposal. So far the organizations and Unions met with the seventh pay commission, not at all gave any positive inputs to cg employees’ community about the 7th pay commission’s views on the proposal of merger of DA. At the end the demand of Merger of DA is now become an unrealistic expectation. So there is no point to expect that this government would consider this demand favorably. [Article published by GServant]

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