PNM meeting between Railway Board and AIRF

Minutes of the PNM meeting between Railway Board 
and All India Railwaymen’s Federation
held on
12th & 13th December, 2014



7/2011: Qualifying Service for eligibility of RELHS-97.
22/2011: Retired Employees Liberalized Health Scheme RELHS.
4/2014: Relaxation in Qualifying Service of 20 years for RELHS.

Official Side stated that the proposal to consider the demand in case of normal superannuation cases has not been agreed to by Finance Directorate. Federation strongly conveyed their discontentment as this was agreed to do so in the last PNM meeting. After consulting EDF(E) in the matter it was agreed to reconsider to cover those retired employees who joined late but retired at the normal superannuation age.
19/2012: Formation of Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006, Organize Railways.
Official Side stated that this has been processed and at each zone, provision of Food Safety Officer (FSO) has been made. However, a proposal for provision of FSO at Divisional level would be initiated.
49/2012: Eligibility criteria for accommodation in empanelled hospitals.
Necessary instructions have been issued to Zonal Railways vide Board’s letter No.2011/H-1/11/90/SCR/Accommodation Criteria dated 25.08.2014.
55/2012: Sanction of adequate manpower for Central Hospital, West Central Railway, Jabalpur.
Federation was advised that West Central Railway has been instructed to (a) process the proposal regarding manpower planning of Non-gazetted Staff at Zonal level under General Manager’s power and (b) Submit the proposal regarding manpower for Gazetted Officers to Railway Board on Bhubaneswar Model after Finance concurrence and General Manager’s approval.
1/2013: Provision of Complimentary Passes and medical facilities to unmarried daughters after the death of parents.
16/2014: Medical facilities to widowed/ divorced/ unmarried daughter after the death of parents and provision of Fixed Medical Allowance for them.
Position explained to the Federation and advised that the demand is not feasible of acceptance.
18/2013: Holding of Pre-Medical Examination – Staff kept on Sick List for years – Abnormal delay in setting-up of Medical Board–Belated declaration of medically invalidation – Compassionate ground appointment denied to the wards.
Position explained to the Federation.
1/2014: Medical reimbursement in case of Stem Cell Plantation.
Official Side advised that Stem Cell Transplant Therapy is a new technique and is under development process. The same has not been approved by Medical Council of India so far. Sanction of advance/reimbursement for such a treatment can be considered only after its approval by Medical Council of India.
2/2014: Compassionate ground appointment to the candidates having been declared medically unfit due to diabetes.
Official Side stated that medical standard cannot be relaxed for CG appointment as otherwise similar demand will come from other new appointees under direct recruitment.
8/2014: Merger of Northern and West Central Railway Health Units in Tughlakabad.
Matter is under examination at Northern Railway.
9/2014: Treatment taken in emergency directly from Government Hospital to be treated as Deemed Referred Case.
Provision relating to recommending reimbursement of full admissible amount in case the treatment has been taken in govt. Hospital in emergency is already available in Board’s Letter No.2005/H/6-4/Policy-II dated 31.01.2007.

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