Rail Reservation confirmation under Emergency/VIP/HO Quota: New Procedure for submission of request

Requisitions for release of Emergency Quota – Reiteration of certain provisions


No. 2015/TG-1/14/EQ                                                                                                                                                                                NewDelhi, Dated 21.1.2015

The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways

Commercial Circular No. 02 of 2015

Sub: Requisitions for release of Emergency Quota – Reiteration of certain provisions

Instructions were issued vide CC No. 10/2011 dated 9.2.2011 laying down the procedure for submission of requests for release of emergency quota (EQ).

1. It has been .noted that though comprehensive instructions on this issue have been laid down, sometimes the requests for EQ are devoid of the details of the passenger travelling and the recommending authority, which hampers the verification process. In view of this, it is reiterated that compliance of provisions contained in para xiii, xvi, and xxi of CC 10/2011 which are reproduced as under, may please be ensured:-
(i) Para xiii- the written requests for release of berths/seats out of emergency quota must be signed by a Gazetted Officer;
(ii) Para xvi – in all the requisitions received for release of berths out of emergency quota, the signatory should be asked to mention his/her telephone no./mobile no.
(iii) Para xviii- it would be the responsibility of the person signing the requisition to ensure the credentials of the party travelling aud shall be fully responsible for the same.
(iv) Para xxi- with a view to prevent the malpractices, reservation requests received from various quarters should be checked from time to time aud in cases where there is doubt about the genuineness of the request/letter, the position may be checked up by speaking to the persons concerned on phone for ensuring the genuineness of the requisition.
3. It may be ensured that all reservation requisition slips should contain the Name, Designation, and Phone/mobile number of the recommending authority and Name, Address, and Phone/mobile number of any one of the passengers.

4. Necessary instructions in this regard may be issued to all concerned.

(Vikram Singh)
Director Passenger Marketing
Railway Board

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/traffic_comm/Comm-Cir-2015/CC_02_2015.pdf

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  • athira sb 8 years ago

    how can I apply for emergency qouta from delhi what are the procedures

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    I have earlier posted valuable comments but nothing could see in the page till date. So sooooorrrry. I hv no comments. Don't fool us.

  • It is a very good idea that the application for EQ/ VIP/HQ quota for confirmation of Reservation is to be signed by a Gazetted Officer. But is it practical? In this system the sufferings will be much more to Govt Pensioners/ Family Pensioners who has to move frequently to a distant place mainly for treatment on short notice. As the Govt has introduced self certification/ attestation for delay or lack of time of Gazetted Officers,the same problem will arise in this case also. Gazetted Officers will not sign till confirmation of proper identification of the applicant. So I propose that in case of Pensioners/ Fly Pensioners the matter may be entrusted to Office- In- Charge from where retired as the applicant may be identified easily & for others the application can be signed by Gazetted Officer. Actually it will minimise the sufferings of both the Pensioners as well as persons on job.

    • Chakravarthi Chakravarthi Varma 7 years ago

      Please Mumbai eq quota mail address