CGEWHO Greater Noida Housing Scheme: Progress Updation

CGEWHO Greater Noida Housing Scheme: Progress Updation:-

Particular Land Area (acres) Scheme Announcement Commencement of Construction Likely date of Completion No. of Dus Ave. Announced cost/sq ft (Rs) Revised Cost/sqft (Rs)
GREATER NOIDA HOUSING PROJECT 38 March 09 June 15 June 19 2130 3990 Cost to be revised after finalization of construction Agency

I. Administrative Approvals

  • Demand from GNIDA – It is to inform that after Allahabad High Court order, GNIDA demanded Rs.30,99,71,480/- towards additional compensation against the land allotment.
  • Environmental Clearance – Final term of reference submitted to the Environment Impact Assessment at Lucknow. Clearance letter is still awaited.
  • Aviation Clearance – All the documents submitted for clearance for AMSL height. Clearance still awaited.
  • Submission Drawings – All the submission drawings alongwith relevant fee with regard to the approval of plans by Statutory Authority have been submitted. Clearance awaited.
  • Prequalification of Contractors – Pre-qualification of the contractors completed, tenders issued to pre-qualified contractors and commercial bids expected to be received in the month of April 2015.
  • Proof Consultant for the quality assurance and vetting of structural drawings – Offers towards Proof Consultancy work including vetting of structural designs and drawings received from IIT, Roorkee and IIT, Delhi. Proposal towards award of consultancy shall be put up to Executive Committee, CGEWHO for approval.

II. Physical progress on Greater Noida Site

  • Dewatering – Slush from the site has been removed and all the dewatering work has been completed.
  • Land Survey – Contour survey and Survey of land completed.
  • Soil Investigation – Soil Investigation by IIT, Roorkee has been completed, interim report received and final report awaited.

Source: http://www.cgewho.in/gtnupdation.html

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