Facilities to Employees of BRO

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20-March-2015 16:07 IST

Facilities to Employees of BRO

The workforce of Border Roads Organisation (BRO) comprises both of Army and civilian personnel. The Army personnel are governed by their own terms and conditions of service, while the civilian personnel are governed by Central Civil Service Rules and their pay and allowances are regulated pursuant to these rules at par with other Central Government employees.

However, keeping in view the service conditions of BRO, the civilian personnel have been extended some additional facilities such as Mess, Ration, CSD Canteen, Uniform, 60 days Earned Leave in a calendar year, etc., which otherwise are not entitled to other civilian employees of Central Government.
Certain facilities / allowances like retirement age of 60 years, Non-Functional Upgradation, Headquarter Allowance, Special Duty Allowance etc., are applicable for entitled Civilian personnel only and not for Army personnel.
The terms and conditions of the army and civilian personnel in BRO are governed by two different sets of Rules / Regulations; therefore, complete parity among them is not feasible.
This information was given by Defence Minister Shri Manohar Parrikar in a written reply to Shri Om Birla in Lok Sabha today.

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    orop ਜਾਂ pay scale ਦਾ ਲਾਭ ਮਿਲ ਸਕਦਾ ਹੈ ?