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One Rank One Pension: Govt. letter latest by June end that is within one year of NDA

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Dear Members

IESM has been getting calls from veterans who wanted to know the correct position of OROP. Veterans are very confused about the various mails floating on the net giving different status of OROP. 
IESM sought an appointment with RM to learn the real situation from RM himself. IESM delegation consisting of four members Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Maj Gen AJB Jaini, Gp Capt VK Gandhi and Hony Lt K Pandey met Sh Manohar Parikkar at 1300h on14 Apr 15.

RM was forthcoming and explained the latest situation. OROP file has been moving upwards as predicted. At the last stage an official from Finance Ministry has put an observation about the SC ruling regarding SPS Vains case. RM was fully apprised of the SPS Vains case and told the delegation that this observation is not applicable to OROP case. Hence suitable reply will be given on file by MOD and file will be sent   back for approval.
RM further stated that he is working to issue Government letter latest by June end that is within one year of NDA Government being sworn to power. He sounded very confident that OROP is foregone conclusion and the next step is issuance of notification for OROP and the tables. He assured IESM delegation that the notification for OROP will be issued soon.
IESM delegation requested RM that stake holders must be involved in finalizing Government letter and the relevant tables for OROP. He confirmed that calculations for his note were done by Armed Forces pay cells and he would keep this in mind. 
IESM delegation came back fully assured that OROP is in safe hands of RM Sh Manohar Parikkar who will make sure that OROP will see the day light after 30 yrs of struggle.

Dear Veterans have a drink and celebrate.


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(Source-Vasunsdhra blog)
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  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    I still have doubt regarding promise made by no less than Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. It seems fooling the ESM community.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    Ex Servicemens are fools…or …the politician with the help of Babus making us fools. They will not sanction or the PM/DM has no WILL to sanction the OROP as per their election manefesto/propoganda. We have to unite and vote against this ugly politics

  • आश्वासन बहुत दे रहा है 1 साल से। !

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    enough is enough. tooooooooooooooo much. veterans are almost reached to a stage of '' ' ' ' beggar''''.kindly transfer this fund to kissan of the country.atleast u will get the vote bank.thank u govt, jai jawan jai kissan

    • Sir, comenting has no meaning. We are understanding GOI well. They (GOI) is being suitably responded. There is nothing in FM hands. Request not to bather him. Pray GOD! Regards,