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One Rank One Pension cleared: Parrikar

‘One rank, one pension’ cleared: Parrikar – The Times of India News

PANAJI: The much-awaited “one rank, one pension” (OROP) for the armed forces is likely to be cleared in a few days, defence minister Manohar Parrikar said in Goa on Saturday.
“OROP proposal is in final stage. The defence ministry has approved it and the finance ministry will clear it in a few days,” he added.
He said it is the first time that a clear proposal has been sent to finance ministry on OROP.

An estimated Rs 8,000 crore is likely to be allocated by the government to fulfill its commitment to the over 25 lakh ex-servicemen, who have been demanding OROP for several years.

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  • The finalisation report by the RM is just like a trained parrots mumblings.

  • Initially the expenditure on OROP is estimated to cost the Nation INR 9000-16000 crores. Now the Ministry of Finance is pegging it to INR 8300 crores and doing a reverse engineering to fit the scales as per their whims and fancies, thus making the issue complex. A straight forward linking of present pension to the past pensioner is the solution and the cost can be arrived at. Only correction required is to upgrade the past ranks to higher rank as the present ranks are accelerated by about 6-7 years compared to the older ranks.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    long back I wrote that Do not believe the political pendulums ,they speak lies even before the GOD.which is proved from the chronology of date of multiple lies