Wait list passengers in Railway will be offered plane tickets

Wait list passengers in Railway will be offered flight tickets: Indian Express News

Dropped from railway waiting list? Well IRCTC will now let you book last-minute flight tickets

For once, it might be a good thing to be dropped from an Indian Railway waiting list at the last moment. IRCTC has launched a new scheme that lets customers who have been dropped from a waiting list avail a last minute flight ticket at a “competitive” fare.
This is how the scheme works, as per IRCTC:
First you will have to have a wait-listed train tickets booked three days prior to the date of journey and not confirmed at the time of chart preparation. Only people with such tickets are eligible for the offer.

Such passengers will get an e-mail from IRCTC showing eligibility. They can then log in to irctc.co.in and choose the passengers name from the train ticket list and click flight search.
Again, this will work only if flights are available to the said destination or another in the same sector. If there is a flight, passengers can choose the next day button and book.
The passengers will have to make full payments for the flights and the refund for the train booking will not be deducted from the same. That will be refunded as usual.
However, be aware that these are last minute flights and you will hardly get any refund if you don’t reach the airport on time.

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