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Annual Transfer of teaching & Non-teaching staff of Kendriya Vidyalaya: Notice by KVS

Notice for All Employees concerned that Annual Transfer of teaching & Non-teaching.

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F.No. 11029/2/2014-KVSHQ (Estt-II)/Misc

Dated: 18.06.2015

E-II/III Section

It is to bring to the notice of all employees concerned that Annual Transfer of teaching/non-teaching employee is in process as per Transfer Guidelines. Grievance related to transfer (below Vice-Principal and section Officer) for modification, cancellation etc. are to be sent through controlling officer through E-mail address. i.e. [email protected].

Accordingly, employees concerned are advised to send their grievances through controlling officer i.e. KV/ RO/ ZIET via E-mail only. Grievances received other than E-mail from KV/ RO/ ZIET will not be entertained.
The following instructions are placed hereunder for perusal by D.Cs KVS, RO. Concerned.
1. All grievances/ representations are to be sent after scanning through their respective controlling officers of RO/ ZIET/ KV within 07 days from the date of issue of Transfer Orders through E-mail address only i.e. [email protected]
2. The controlling officers must ensure before sending the grievances/representations that content given therein is correct, genuine and not contrary to the KVS Transfer Guidelines. Efforts should be made to redress the grievance/ representation by the controlling officer then and there, if possible to avoid unwanted correspondence
3. After compliance as above, at Serial No. 2, the representations/grievances are to be sent to KVS HQ through RO/ ZIET/KV via E-mail and facts must be verified on the face of the representation.
4. The employees visiting to KVS (HQ) will be allowed only with prior permission of his/her controlling officer. He/ She should bring the copy of representation sent through E-mail to the KVS (HQ)
5. The visit of the employee concerned without permission will not be entertained by KVS (HQ).
6. Application forwarded directly to KVS (HQ)/ advance copies other than the KVS employee will not be entertained except in exceptional cases.
All the DCs KVS, RO/Directions, ZIET, KVS are advised to bring this notice to their staff members and to all the KV concerned running under their jurisdiction with the instructions to the Principal of the KV concerned to bring this notice to all staff members of KV under limitation to this office.



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