Mandatory Yoga Training for all officers/Staff of Indian Railways including RPF personnel

Mandatory Yoga Training for all officers/Staff of Indian Railways including RPF personnel

RBE No. 69/2015
New Delhi, dated:15.06.2015

Sub: Mandatory Yoga Training for all officers/Staff of Indian Railways including RPF personnel

Zonal Railways may kindly refer to Board’s letter No.E(MPP)/2000/19/1/Meditation dated 23.11.2001 (RBE No.231/2001), vide which Yogo training was introduced for trainees in the Railway Training Centres’. These instructions were reiterated and were made permanent vide Board’s letter No.E(MPP)2009/19/1/pt.(Meditation) dated 13.11.2003 (RBE No.194/2003).

It has been established that Yoga/Meditation courses help in improving levels of concentration, alertness and reduction in stress and hence with a view to provide greater thrust, it has been decided to cover all officers and staff including RPF personnel in the progromme, for general well being of employees. Further, in Budget 2015-16, it was emphasized that training in Yoga will be imported to the staff especially from RPF.
In the light of foregoing, Board has decided to include mandatory Yoga Training progrommes in all the Centralized Training Institutes and Non-Gazetted Training Centres including RPF Training Centres. Accordingly, all the training progrommes whether Initial, Refresher, Promotionol or structured training progrommes would provide for slots for Yoga Training as per details specified below:
Less than 15 days Training Course One hour* Yoga Training for the entire course

15 days to 8 weeks Training Course One hour* Yoga Training per week (fraction of
week to be ignored)
8weeks to 30 weeks Training Course One hour* Yoga Training Per week up to 8
weeks and thereafter 1 hour Yoga Training per
fortnight (fraction of week/fortnight to be ignored.

30 weeks and above, up to total duration of 
One hour* per week up to 8 weeks and thereafter one hour per fortnight for the
balance period. (Fraction of week/fortnight to
be ignored)

(*One hour duration can be split into 3×20 minutes or 4×15 min., or 2×30 min. etc.)

Accordingly, all Training Centers are advised to arrange these training programmes. In case necessary, tie up may be mode with certified/Professional Yoga Centres/Trainers on payment basis as may be decided by the concerned General Managers of Zonal Railways, PUs and Heads of CTIs etc., in consultation with their Associate Finance under the Zonal Railways/CTIs budgetary powers. Necessary tie up as mentioned above may be finalized within 2 months and training on Yoga in terms of the aforesaid directions may be started immediately thereafter. There would be no exemption from attendance in this programme unless there are adequate reasons to be accepted by Head of Training Institution personally.
As regards the batch size, the minimum batch size should be 20, however, where more numbers are proposed to be covered in a batch, the some should be decided in consultation with the trainer. In so for as RPF personnel are concerned, RPF Directorote hove alreody issued instructions vide their letter No.2013/Sec(E)/TRG(POL)-1/1 dated 19.3.2015. These instructions are subsumed and would form part of the aforesoid instructions for RPF personnel.
These instructions supersede all previous instructions on the subject of Yoga Training including the ceiling limit fixed for payment of remuneration to Yoga Instructors/Trainers, hired for the purpose.
As regards the number of officers/staff who are being imported Yoga Training, monthly statement showing total number of officers/staff and RPF personnel trained per month will have to be sent to the Board on a continuing basis on the training progrommes begin.
This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of Ministry of Railways.

Kindly acknowledge receipt of this letter.

Exec. Director (T&MPP)
Railway Board

Source: http://www.indianrailways.gov.in/railwayboard/uploads/directorate/mgt_ser/MPP_Training_Circular/2015/RBE_64_2015.pdf

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