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Parrikar asks ex-servicemen to be patient on OROP – Ex-servicemen hold Nationwide Protests

Parrikar asks ex-servicemen to be patient on OROP
Jaipur, Jun 14, 2015, PTI:

Even as ex-servicemen held protests over delay in non-implementation of the ‘One Rank, One Pension’ scheme, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today sought to assuage their concerns, saying the “promises” made will be kept and that they should be “patient”.
“I assure you whatever we have promised that all would be done… but some people need to be patient,” Parrikar said addressing a conference here on challenges and solutions regarding border safety.
Upset over the delay in implementation of OROP, ex-servicemen held protests across the country, including in the national capital, demanding its immediate introduction. The former soldiers have threatened to go an a relay hunger strike from tomorrow. Parrikar also stressed on “zero tolerance” to acts of terrorism to address concerns about national security.

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Ex-servicemen to continue nationwide protests over OROP delay: The Hindu
Say it is Modi’s promise; Parrikar counsels patience.
Continuing their pressure on the government over the delay in implementing the long-pending One-Rank, One-Pension (OROP) scheme, ex-servicemen took out a massive rally on Sunday in the national capital and across the country to express their displeasure. They also announced indefinite relay hunger strike from Monday. Meanwhile, Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar asked ex-servicemen to have “patience” and said the government would deliver on its promise.
The rally comes after several rounds of official and backchannel talks failed to make any headway. The veterans had been demanding that the government announce a timeline for implementation of OROP.
“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured us that it will be implemented, but it has been one year,” said Col. (retd.) Anil Kaul, media adviser to the Indian Ex-Servicemen Movement (IESM).
‘Equality and rights’
Maintaining that they were not against the government, the veterans asserted that, “it was not about money, but it was about equality and rights.”
Speaking at a conference in Jaipur, Mr. Parrikar asked ex-servicemen to have patience. “I assure you whatever we have promised that all would be done … but some people need to be patient,” he said.
Warrant Officer Guru Dayal Singh Saggu, a 92-year-old veteran who attended the rally at Jantar Mantar, said, “Genuine requirements of all should be addressed.” He added that he had dedicated his lifetime for “my brethren” and would continue to support the cause of ex-servicemen.
A majority of those present at the rally signed petitions in blood which they plan to submit to the President Pranab Mukherjee. Asked why they were signing in blood, one retired officer quoted Subhash Chandra Bose who said “Give me blood and I will give you freedom.”
The veterans also reiterated that there was only one definition on OROP and asked the government to adhere to it. Mr. Modi had said in an interview that the delay was partly due to “several definitions” and the government was working to get a consensus.
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  • Dear all Ex-services,my self with our unity,and Nations help too as need,but,why Gvt making full us as saying sum,complicated points are there,please ask to authourthies,at PM and Finace department having working staff too much,and asmall point not solvesince long time. If gvt we order to move and fight with emimy then we soon pussing without no time.

    Ex- Hav (Rtd) 19/10/1979.

  • Anonymous 9 years ago

    There seems to be some hesitation/riddle with successive Govt to implement such a rational issue.Some of the sharp veterans to come forward and volunteer to provide a helping hand to Govt and Govt also should invite rep of veterans for a amicable/workable solution to the issue.

  • Warrant Officer Guru Dayal Singhji you are great

  • Ex-JWO Arya Prem, Hyderabad.
    Despite making several promises to implement OROP Govt. utterly failed to implement OROP,IESM have done a peaceful protest on 14 June, now going to do indefinate relay hunger strike, this will continue till OROP is implemented, this will bring shame to the ruling Govt.after giving so much unbearable pain to ESM if the Govt. implements OROP, the cridet of achiving OROP will go to the IESM, the Govt will have no face to ask for ESM's vote in future elections because it will be treated as the Govt faild to keep its poll promises with IESM community.
    if the Govt is finding dificulty in granting the required funds for implementing OROP, As the Govt takes peoples help in time of natural calamities, let Govt asks the people of our country to do chatity, let Govt . ask the people of our countryto donate for the Ex-Servicemen of our country, every indian knows how the Soldiers help the fellow country men when in need of our assistence, right from defending our country from the cross border enemies, terrorists attacks, all types of natural calamities,any internal or external threats, strikes etc. every Indian knows 24×7 hrs our soldiers are ready to sacrifice their lives for their country, so we are confident our country will generously donate for helping their Ex servicemen. if the Govt cannot
    grant the required fund please take the help from the people. but the sooner the possible full fill buring issue of IESM 's OROP