Rest Rules for Running Staff, Outsourcing, Railway Servant Pass, Welfare Scheme, Dress Regulation, Training Allowance: Minutes of Meeting with EDE & AIRF

Rest Rules for Running Staff, Outsourcing, Railway Servant Pass Rules, Welfare Scheme, Dress Regulation, Training/Allowance etc.: Minutes of Meeting with EDE & AIRF

Minutes of the meeting held by EDE(IR) with Federation(AIRF) on 10.06.2015 on the left over PNM/AIRF items.


26/2010: Implementation of the recommendation of the Railway Safety Review Committee, 1998.


29/2012: Punishment to be imposed in accidents and derailment.

Federation was advised that the matter was again put up to the Board whereupon the Board has decided that it will not be feasible to change the existing instructions. Federation requested for a separate meeting with Board which was agreed to. ED/Safety-I informed the Federation that punishment norms for SPAD issued vide Board’s letter No.99/Safety (A&R)/6/1 dated 23.04.1999, have provision that the punishment is reduction to lower grade if there are contributory factors like loss of brake power on the run which he could not have detected when he took charge. The removal or compulsory retirement is awarded only when SPAD is entirely due to the driver’s fault. It was also agreed to reiterate these instructions so as to avoid any undue hardship to the staff as brought out by the Federation. AIRF however demanded that the clause of minimum punishment of dismissal/removal should be removed in case of SPAD.

34/2012: Accident Free Service Certificates.

Instructions have been reiterated vide Board’s letter No.86/ Safety-I/24/35 dated 17.02.2014 to all Zonal Railways to ensure grant of Accident-Free Service Award to all eligible categories of staff and to maintain proper records as per guidelines laid down in Board’s letter No.86/Safety-I/24/35 dated 06.07.1998. Federation, however, requested for zone-wise figures of last two years in this regard; the same was agreed to.

17/2009: Upgradation of the facilities in the Zonal Railway Training Schools/ Centres.

The Federation was apprised of the budgetary allocation made in 2015-16. They were also informed that a separate plan Head for HRD has been created and now it would be possible to care for Training Centres in a better way. AIRF pointed out that there was a need to improve the living condition, quality of food etc. in the Training centres. It was also agreed to visit ZRTI, Bhuli which is being fixed for 27.06.2015.

23/2010: Revision of the rates of Training Allowance and Sumptuary Allowance to the Faculty Members of different Training Centers.

File has been submitted to Board.

11/2011: Provision for training institutes for various disciplines in East Central Railway.

File being put up to Board for inclusion in next work programme the setting up of a new multi-disciplinary Training Centre in and around Danapur.

23/2011: Creation of posts for additional workload provided to Rail Coach Factory, Kapurthala by the Railway Board.

A separate meeting is being fixed for 16.06.2015 at 11:00 hrs.

52/2012: Sanction of additional staff for manning newly constructed railway lines opened for traffic.

Position already explained to the Federation in a separate meeting held by ED(T&MPP) on 09.05.2015.

12/2013: Action Plan Targets for the year 2012-13 in respect of Manpower Planning.

Vision 2020 envisages 1% reduction to be achieved in the sanction strength every year as a corporate objective. Indian Railways has been undertaking 1% reduction of sanctioned strength as it action plan since 2007-08, whereas this was 2.5% and likewise since 2001-02. It may be mentioned that despite the above in the last few years, creation have outpaced surrenders as a result of which sanctioned strength has actually increased.

29/2014: (A) Grievances of the Commission Vendors/ Bearers of Catering Department of Indian Railways.(B) Compassionate ground appointment to the wards of Commission Vendors/ Bearers of Railway Catering Services.(C) Issue of Form 16-A to Commission Vendors.

Necessary instructions have been issued to the Zonal Railways regarding absorption of commission Vendors/Bearers in Railway service over Indian Railways as per available vacancies by giving them three opportunities for absorption with complete relaxation of educational qualification in compliance of various Court orders including order passed by Hon’ble Supreme Court in this regard.
Accordingly, all Commission Vendors/ Bearers working in departmental catering units of different railways whose age is below sixty year to be absorbed in the railway service in group “D” post (now in group–C in PB I grade pay Rs.1800/-).
In case of those Commission Vendors/ Bearers who are absorbed as Group “D” staff on the Railways, direct compassionate appointment to their widow/ward will be permissible as per the extant rules in case of their death or medical incapacitation before their retirement. All commission Vendors/ Bearers should retire at an age of 60 years. Also legal heir of deceased commission vendors/ bearers cannot be appointed as commission vendor as per extant rules.
As far as comparing commission vendors with coolies are concerned, Commission Vendors/ Bearers were engaged by the Railways on commission basis hence their engagement cannot be compared with coolies etc.
AIRF demanded that those commission vendors who wants employment for their wards should be given opportunity.
No instruction regarding issuing of Form 16-A reg. TDS towards Income Tax deposit has been issued from Railway Board. However, comments have been sought from IRCTC and CCM/ Northern Railway and the same is still awaited. A copy of reference made to Northern Railway given to Federation.

21/2010: Revision in the Dress Regulations – 2004.

The finalized report of the Uniform Committee has been put up for Board (MS)’s approval. 19/2011: Raising of upper age limit in case of entitlement of Privilege Passes/ PTOs for dependent sons.
It was explained to the Federation that as decided in the earlier meeting the matter was reviewed but the demand could not be found feasible of acceptance. AIRF however giving the argument of 35 yrs age for recruitment asked for reviewing the issue so that wards of railway employees should not face the hardship.

7/2012: Implementation of various welfare schemes announced by the then Hon’ble Minister for Railway during her Rail Budget Speech.

Position on Kendriya Vidyalayas, Navodaya Vidyalayas, Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics was apprised to the Federation A list of twelve new Civil Sector Kendriya Vidyalayas was also given to Federation as desired.

12/2012: Provision of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes in favour of widows of ex-railway employees.


1-A/2013: Provision of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes to the spouse/widow of deceased railway employees appointed on compassionate ground.

Matter has again been reviewed in consultation with Finance Dte after the separate meeting held on 6.5.2015 but could not be found feasible of acceptance. AIRF made arguments that widows must get the passes/PTOs of the entitlement of their husband and desired review in the light of discussion.

28/2012: Sanction of Flood Relief Fund for the flood affected staff over the Indian Railways.

A letter has been written to Ministry of Home Affairs to provide financial grant of Rs.100 crores to cyclone affected Railwaymen in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha under East Coast Railway. Further, Board has also approved Rs.40 crores towards repairs & resurrection of damaged Railway property in Waltair Division of E.Co. Railway. Meanwhile an amount of Rs.8.09 lakhs has been released from Calamity Relief Fund for relief work in the aftermath of
Hudhud cyclone. AIRF felt quite anguish for not providing any relief to the employees for loss of their property and demanded an early relief to them.
A letter was written to Northern Railway regarding financial assistance to flood affected railway employees in Jammu & Kashmir. However, no response has been received from Railway in this regard till date. Copy of reference given to federation.

07/2014: Issue of Special Passes on medical ground in favour of two attendants in case of kid patient.

It was advised to the Federation that the issue has been re-examined but the demand has not been found feasible of acceptance due to financial and other implications. Federation however, requested that apart from mother who is the natural guardian, one attendant may also be allowed. This is to be examined.

10/2014: Provision of two sets of Post Retirement Complimentary Passes to retired railway employees working in GP Rs.1800.

Matter is under examination in consultation with Finance and Pay Commission Dtes.

58/2006: Privatisation/ Contractorisation/ Outsourcing/ offloading of various activities of the Indian Railways.

Federation stated that the railways be advised to adhere to connected labour laws in the matter and to particularly ensure the following:
(i) payment to the contract labour through bank/ cheque,
(ii) issue of Identity Card,
(iii) P.F. deduction,
(iv) E.S.I.
It will be the responsibility of the CPO/ CWM to ensure implementation of the above and other connected labour laws. It was agreed to advise the Railways accordingly.
Federation further emphasised that jobs of perennial nature not to be contractorised.

20/2009: Rest Rules for Running Staff.&19/2014: Implementation of the Report of High Power Committee constituted to review duty hours of Running Staff and other Safety related Categories of Staff.

Views of the both Federations have since been received on the recommendation of the Committee and the matter is under further consideration.

29/2011: Retention of railway quarter in favour of totally medically incapacitated railway employees.

The matter is under consideration of Board.

3/2008: Facilities to the recognised Unions.

27/2013: AC Card Passes to the Divisional Office Bearers of the AIRF affiliated unions.
Federation pointed out that in case of All India SC & ST Railway Employees Association and All Indian OBC Railway Employees Association, the jurisdiction of the 1st Class card passes issued to their Divisional office bearers are available over the entire Zonal Railway. The same be extended to the Divisional office bearers of the recognised Unions. This to be examined.
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