Bank 10th Bipartite Settlement: IBA clarification on Paternity Leave, LFC, Special Allowance to Ex-Servicemen, Stagnation Increment

Bank 10th Bipartite Settlement: IBA clarification on Paternity Leave, LFC, Special Allowance to Ex-Servicemen, Stagnation Increment


HR & Industrial Relations 

 July 25, 2015

Designated Officers of Member Banks which are parties to the BPS

Dear Sir/Madam,


1. Paternity Leave:

Clause 32 of the X Bipartite Settlement provides the benefit of Paternity Leave w.e.f. 1.6.2015 to male employees with less than two surviving children for 15 days during his wife’s confinement and may be combined with any other kind of leave except Casual Leave. The leave may be availed upto 15 days before or upto 6 months from the date of delivery of the child.

Clarifications: The leave may be granted to an employee even where the date of delivery of the child was prior to 1.6.2015, provided, however, that the leave is availed within six months from the date of delivery. Further, the leave shall be sanctioned 15 days before the delivery or up to 6 months after the delivery.

2. Leave Fare Concession:

Clause 19 (iv) of IX Bipartite Settlement dated 27.4.2010 provided that an employee encashing the facility of Leave Fare Concession shall proceed on leave for a minimum period of one day.

Clarifications: Clause 19 (iv) of X Bipartite Settlement dated 25.5.2015 does not have this provision and hence with effect from 1.6.2015, employees may be allowed the facility of encashing of Leave Fare Concession without the requirement of availing Leave for this purpose.

3. Treatment of Special Allowance for fixation of Pay for Ex-Servicemen re-employed in Banks:

Under Clause 9 of the X BPS, Special Allowance at the rate of 7.75% of the Basic Pay with applicable DA thereon will be paid w.e.f. 1.11.2012.

Clarification: Queries have been received as to whether the same is to be reckoned for the purpose of encashment of PL on LFC/retirement, Overtime, and while pay fixation of Exservicemen joined the service of the Banks on or after 1.11.2012. It is clarified that the Special Allowance is to be reckoned at the time of PL encashment on LFC/retirement, the same shall not be reckoned for the purpose of fixation of pay of Ex-servicemen who are remployed in Banks on or after 1.11.2012.

4. Adjustment/advancement of stagnation increment to employees who acquire JAIIB/CAIIB/ Graduation

Clause 11 of X BPS dated 25.5.2015 provides that in case where the non-subordinate employees as on the date of this Settlement, has already acquired JAIIB (Part-I) or CAIIB (Part-II)/ Graduation after reaching maximum of the scale of Pay (in case of JAIIB/ CAIIB/ Graduation) or after reaching 19TH stage of scale of Pay (in case of CAIIB/Graduation), and has not earned increment(s), otherwise entitled on account of acquiring such qualification, when there were no increments to provide in the scale of pay of those employees, the stagnation increment in such cases may be advanced by one year or two years as the case may be.

Clarification: Non-subordinate employees who acquires such qualification after reaching the 19th or 20th stagnation, their next immediate stagnation increment may be advanced accordingly by one/two years as the case maybe, w.e.f. 1.11.2012 or the actual date of such advancement whichever is later.

Member banks may please be guided as above.

Yours faithfully,

K Unnikrishnan
Deputy Chief Executive
Source: http://aibea.in/upload/circular/C-031.pdf

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