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‘One Rank One Pension’ row: Ex-servicemen prepare battle plan to take government head on

NEW DELHI: The government’s refusal to commit to a time frame for implementing One Rank One Pension policy in the armed forces has prompted organisations representing ex-servicemen to resort to new tactics to press for their demand even as their members continue the relay hunger strike that they began in Delhi on June 15.
The United Front of Exservicemen, a conglomerate of all veterans’ organisations, has decided to hold protests outside homes of parliamentarians, send teams to election-bound states to discourage people from voting for the ruling National Democratic Alliance and hold flash mobs across Delhi to generate awareness about the issue. In addition to this, war widows will express their frustration by sending the President letters signed with blood along with a bangle.

“The government is not realising the demoralising effect that its ignorance is causing on servicemen across the country,” said Colonel (retd) Devinder Bahl, spokesperson of the Indian Exservicemen Movement, the organisation spearheading the protests around the country.
Meanwhile, ex-servicemen from the National Capital Region are continuing their relay hunger strike at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar, where many participants expressed dismay over the government’s apparent failure to take notice of their protest. “We will stop fighting only when implementation of OROP takes place,” said Krishan Kumar, a 1965 war veteran from Rajasthan, who is among those participating in the hunger strike.
Several other organisations have also joined hands with the ex-servicemen to fight for the implementation of the scheme. According to data given by IESM, eight farmers’ organisations are now part of the nationwide protests, finding resonance in the historic ‘Jai Jawan Jai Kisan’ slogan.
Stressing on the raising anger among other ranks, Bahl said that the protesters are considering both direct action and indirect action to make the government sit up and take notice. Direct action will involve blockade of roads across cities and public transport or fasting unto death, whereas indirect action will take a more calculated approach, with spot mobs across the country, protest letters and large demonstrations.
According to the members of the group, the majority is leaning towards the indirect approach though Bahl said that the floodgates cannot be held back for a long time, implying that the growing resentment may prompt widows of decorated servicemen, for instance, to begin a fast unto death.

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  • Bob singh 9 years ago

    Tit for tait. No more patience and discipline. Plan a serious action, go to ' Bihar & Punjab ' against NDA is slow action, will not work and may delay and no action to implement 'OROP'. They know 5 years, they have majority in Govt.

  • Nilesh Redekar 9 years ago

    Have guts to publish the comments.

  • Nilesh Redekar 9 years ago

    This only shows how much the Politicians & their 'Chamcha Babus' have respect & concern of the Ex-servicemen. This will affect the morale of Military b'coz more than half of the Military Persons are the siblings/relatives of those who have retired & one day they are also going to retire.. so if unrest is spread in Military then only the cowards will take action.