Admissibility of Daily Allowance to Staff Car Drivers: Railway Board Order

Admissibility of Daily Allowance to Staff Car Drivers: Railway Board Order


No. F(E)I/2009/AL-28/21

New Delhi, Dated 25 08.2015

The General Managers,
All Indian Railways/Production Units,
(As per Mailing List)

Sub: Admissibility of Daily Allowance to Staff Car Drivers.

It has been decided by the Board, after discussions with both the Federations, to modify the provisions regarding admissibility of Daily Allowance to Staff Car Drivers contained-in para 2 of Board’s letter No. F(E)I/2006/AL-28/15 dt. 12.03.2008. Accordingly, para 2 of the said letter, is partially modified to read as under:

    “2. As per the provisions contained in Supplementary Rule 186 and Government of India’s order (l) there under, read with Note 8 under Rule 26 of Staff Car Rules, Staff Car Drivers who perform a ‘local journey’ or journey on touring on the official vehicle in his charge, may draw travelling allowance under the ordinary rules as admissible to other Railway employees even if the journeys does not involve the absence of at least one night from his Headquarters. When they perform local journeys for distance exceeding 8 Kms. beyond prescribed hours of duty and such journeys involve absence of a night from head quarters, they are entitled to draw D.A. under ordinary rules admissible to other employees, for the period beyond duty hours, in addition to OTA. In case the journey does not/involve their absence of one night from their headquarters, they are entitled to draw D.A. for the period beyond duty hours subject to the condition that DA shall be payable for the period with reference to which D.A. has been drawn. In such cases, they have the option to draw either OTA or DA on any day on which such journeys have been undertaken.”

2. This would be applicable to all Drivers irrespective of the type of vehicle they drive.

3. These orders will take effect from the date of issue. Past cases, will, however, continue to be dealt with under provisions of letter No. F(E)l/2006/AL-28/15 dt. 12.03.08.

4. Hindi version is enclosed.

5 . Receipt of the letter may be acknowledged.

(Somali Chaturvedi)
Dy. Director Finance (Estt)
Railway Board.

Source: NFIR

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