CGEWHO Noida: Estimated Costs & further progress status

CGEWHO Noida: Estimated Costs & further progress status

(Ministry of Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation, Govt. Of India).
6th Floor, ‘A’ Wing,.Janpath Bhawan,
Janpath, New Delhi – 110 001

NOTE:-Individual letters are being sent by post.
All Allottees of Greater Noida Housing Scheme


This is in continuation with our letter no. A-504/11 dated 04/09/2014 and with reference to “your registration under Greater Noida housing scheme in which a dwelling unit has been allotted to you. While we appreciate the confidence & trust evinced by you in CGEWHO Scheme, we would’now like to intimate you the progress on the Greater Noida project.

2. The estimated cost based on the contracts received has been approved by the Executive Committee, and the details are as under:
3. The estimated cost as above covers the following:
a) One covered car parking under stilts/ basement for each DU.
b) Community Hall (G+4) around 45000 sq ft. area which includes:
(i) Swimming pOOl
(ii) Banquet Hall,
(iii) Kids play area,
(iv) Gymnasium etc.
c) Religious Building (Ground floor) having 3300 sq ft. area.
d) Nursery School (G+1) having around 9200 sq ft area.
e) Nursing Home (G+3) around 14000 sq ft. area.
f) Commercial complex ‘(G+3) of around 38000 sq ft area.
g) The cost calculated is with the assumption that CGEWHO shall be able to dispose off approximately 1500 covered car parking under stilts/ basement @300,000/-. This shall give credit of Rs 45 crores to the project cost.
h) The cost also includes the enhancement amount demanded by GNIDA on the land as per the order of Hon’ble Allahabad High Court, which inter-alia works out Rs. 74/- per sq. ft. Although CGEWHO has already informed GNIDA that the demand raised by them is not chargeable to CGEWHO. In case same is not charged by GNIDA it will be off-loaded to Beneficiaries
4. It is also to be informed that Ancillary building blocks i.e. Nursery School, Community Complex, dispensary etc. as mentioned in para 3 (d), (e) & (f) may be disposed in order to subsidise the cost of DU at the time of demanding final installment.
5. It is pertinent to mention here that except permission from GNIDA for plans, all the statutory clearances such as Aviation and Environmental Clearance have been obtained.
6. Further as you are aware CGEWHO has already called land component from the allottees of Greater Noida housing scheme as the part payment of 1st installment the rest part of installment will be called within two months (approximately), by which time CGEWHO expects to allot the unsold dwelling units.
7. All other terms and conditions pertaining to Greater Noida Housing Scheme remain
Yours faithfully,
(P. K. Wadhwa)
Dy. Director (Admn.)
for Chief Executive Officer

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Source: http://www.cgewho.in/All%20Allottees%20of%20Greater%20Noida%20Housing%20Scheme.pdf

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