Comprehensive Transfer Policy for Railway Officers

Silent features of Comprehensive Transfer Policy for Railway Officers: Railway Board Order



New Delhi, dated 31.08.2015

General Managers
All Indian Railways/Production Units
(As per Standard List)


1. The transfer policy for Railway Officers has been reviewed by the Ministry of Railways. In supersession of all existing instructions, Ministry of Railways have now decided to formulate a Comprehensive Transfer Policy for Railway Officers. The salient features of the Comprehensive Transfer Policy are given in the succeeding paragraphs:
    (i) Ordinarily a Group ‘A’ officer will not be transferred out of his allotted Zone/Unit till Selection Grade.
    On empanelment to Group ‘A’, there may be inter-Zonal transfer of a Group ‘B’ officer with residual service of more than 3 years.
    (ii) Officers, will be considered for posting to Railway Board/RDSO/CTIs/PUs/Other Units in’administrative interest after completion of minimum of 5 years in allotted zone.
    (iii) No request for transfer will be considered till completion of 5 years in assigned zone.
    (iv) Transfers and postings will be done against clear vacancy of a sanctioned post. The present policy of posting officers to the Eastern Region on return from deputation abroad will continue to be followed.
    (v) Posting in Railway Board/CTl/RDSO/RRB is tenure posting having maximum tenure of 5 years and not a deputation post. Hence, normal procedure for inter Railway/Unit transfers be followed.
    (vi) A cooling off period of minimum 3 years between two tenures in Railway Board/RDSO will be required.
    (vii) Normally, minimum tenure on a particular post at a time will be 2 years and maximum tenure will be 5 years. For sensitive posts, maximum tenure will be 4 years. Minimum tenure will not be applicable for Junior Scale/Senior Scale officers of Group A. However, in administrative exigencies, relaxation may be granted by cadre controlling officer.
    (viii) Total stay at a stretch at a particular station should not be more than 10 years and the total cumulative stay (in broken spells) should not be more than 15 years. Deputation to PSUS and other Ministries will not be counted for this purpose. This will be implemented in a phased manner.
    (ix) In case of IRMS doctors (including Dental Cadre) in Railways, the proposed policy will be as per following guidelines
      (a) The transfer of doctors within and outside the zone should be decided by the Railways/Board at appropriate level on case-to-case basis, keeping in view the administrative interest. Total stay at a stretch/cumulative stay (inbroken spells in a particular station) be limited to 15&20 years respectively. However, while issuing such transfer orders the following guidelines should be observed.
        (1) Super specialist doctors can only be transferred from one super speciality centre to another super specialty center of same specialities. 
          (2) Senior specialist of Central Hospital of the Zone or Division should be transferred to another Divisional or Zonal Centre of equal status.
            (3) General Duty Medical Officers and Dental Surgeon can be shifted from one such post to equivalent post in other places.
          Note : The idea behind these guidelines is that specialist services are not disturbed while keeping the administrative interest in mind.
          (x) Transfer of RPF/RPSF personnel will be in terms of Railway Board Standing Order No.102 and 110 issued by DG/RPF. Total stay at a stretch at a particular station should not be more than 10 years and the total cumulative stay (in broken spells) should not be more than 15 years.
          (xi) In terms of para 124 of IREC, Vol.1, GMs have full powers to make rules, with regard to non-gazetted Railway Servants. No change is recommended. Maximum tenure on sensitive posts will however be 4 years. In case of non-gazetted Railway employees, no inter railway transfer request will be considered till completion of 5 years of joining Railway.
          (xii) Deputation of Railway Officers will be governed by DOP&T’s guidelines as adopted by Ministry of Railways vide letter No.2010/F(E)Il/1(1)/1 dated 28.07.2010.
          (xiii) Transfers other than those caused due to promotion, deputation/return from deputation, retirements etc. will be generally issued from January to March. However, in administrative exigencies, transfer orders may be issued as and when required.
          (xiv) The controlling officer will ensure that the officer transferred will be relieved within a maximum period of one month. 
          (xv) A government servant who is also a care giver of disabled child may be exempted from the routine exercise of transfer/rotational transfer subject to administrative constraints as per OM No.42011/3/2014-Estt.(Rs.) dated 6.6.2014 
          (xvi) Every effort will be made to post the husband and wife at the same station as detailed in DOP&T’s Circular No. F.No.28034/9/2009-Estt(A) dated 30th September 2009.
          (xvii) All fresh transfer orders will be governed by this policy.
          (xviii) In future, requests for inter railway transfers from officers will be done online for which a system will be developed separately and circulated.

        (N .Soman)
        Joint Secretary (Gazetted)
        Railway Board


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