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58th Annual Meeting of Managing Committee of Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund

58th Annual Meeting of Managing Committee(MC) of Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF):-
No.F —192/Vol-VI/DCMAF
Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF)
Ministry of Defence
Room No. PC – 1, B-Block
Dalhousie Road, New Delhi-110011
30 Sept 2015

Heads of All Defence Units/Estts
All Labour Welfare Commissioners

1. The 58th Annual meeting of the Managing Committee of Defence Civilians Medical Aid Fund (DCMAF) was held on 21st Sept 2015 under the Chairmanship of the Addl Secretary (J).

2. The following decisions were taken in the meeting:-

(i) Full Service Members of the Fund will have to complete minimum 1 year membership period for eligibility of financial assistance. The period of 1 year will be counted from the date on which the requisite subscription is paid to the Office of DCMAF.

(ii) Nutritious dietary allowance to Lactating female members and spouses of the male members will be given to only member employees drawing salary in Pay Band-1. Application in this regard shall be made by the members in the revised Form No. 5D. A copy of the Form is enclosed.

3. The above provisions will be effective for compliance from 15th October 2015.

4. It is requested that the contents of this letter may please be widely disseminated for information of all members/employees under your administrative jurisdiction.

Signed copy-http://www.caomod.nic.in

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