Railway Staff Benefit Fund: Amendment of provisions vide RBE No. 125/2015

Railway Board has amended the Railway Staff Benefit Fund – Chapter 8 of the Indian Railway Establishment Code Volume I, 1985 Edition (Second Reprint Edition – 2003).
RBE No.125/2015
ACS No.127
No. E(W) 2010/FU-1/4
New Delhi, dated 12.10.2015
The General Managers,
All Zonal Railways and Production Units etc.

Sub: Amendment of provisions relating to Railway Staff Benefit Fund – Chapter 8 of the Indian Railway Establishment Code Volume I, 1985 Edition (Second Reprint Edition – 2003).

In exercise of the powers conferred by the proviso to Article 309 of the Constitution, the President is pleased to direct that Rules 805 (1) and 805 (2) of the Indian Railway Establishment Code, Volume-I 1985 Edition be amended as per enclosed Advance Correction Slip No. 127.
2. This issues with the concurrence of the Finance Directorate of the Ministry of Railways.
3. Hindi version is enclosed.
4. Please acknowledge receipt.
Encl: Advance Correction Slip.
(Debasis Mazumdar)
Director Establishment (Welfare)
Railway Board.
5. Recreation other than sports 32 Recreational facilities, purchase of gym equipments, employees’/wards’ holiday camps, study tours.
6. Recreational facilities at institutes and Clubs etc. 36
7. Promotion of Cultural Activities 16 Organizing cultural programmes in residential colonies, Divisions and schools and purchase/maintenance of instruments etc.
8. Relief of distress, sickness, etc for staff in grade pay up to Rs.4600/ 120 To grant higher amount of relief to employees in need such as
immediate financial assistance to railway employees in accidents and for
employees who are long sick and hospitalized for a long period and are
on leave without pay: no leave (LAP or LHAP) is in his credit. Funeral
charges for death of Railway employees be given at 10,000/- in each
9. Sports activities 30 Encouraging sports by giving latest sports equipment and imparting training at schools, institutes and clubs
10. Scouts & Guides activities 22 Augmentation of training facility all over railways
11. Indigenous system of medicine including Homoeopathy 36
12. Immediate relief in times of crisis arising out of floods, famines, landslides, fire or any other
13. Developing occupational .skills of physically/mentally challenged
railway employees and their wards including purchase of wheel chairs,
other aids, special software etc. and organising workshops, seminars,
camps etc.
50 Assistance to employees/wards in need of special equipments etc
14. Miscellaneous 80 Support for improvement in holiday homes, rest houses,
entertainment/ information facility Viz colour TV; electrical
appliances/maintenance fund for recurring expenses on such facilities.
Total 800/-

Note: –

(1) Allocation provided against Head/Activity at S.No.(1) (2) and (3) will also be utilized for financing the scheme of Cash award for wards of Railway employees for outstanding contribution in Academics & Sports as stipulated vide Annexure-I to Board’s letter No.E(W)2014/FU-1/1 dated 01-06-2015 (RBE No.54/2015.

(2) Note 3 below Clause (2) of Rule 805 may be substituted by the following:

Based on the overall per capita contribution of Rs.30/- for sports activities, sports allotments shall continue to be made by the Ministry of Railways in consultation with the Railway Sports Promotion Board, to the Zonal Railways/Production Units.

Allotment of Rs. 22/- for scouting activities will also be made by the Ministry of Railways. Rs. 24/- per capita allotted for “Immediate relief in times of crisis arising out of natural calamities” will be made from the “SBF Calamity Relief Fund” at the level of the Ministry of Railways. Therefore, allotment for Rs.76/- will be authorized centrally by Ministry of Railways (Railway Board) from sanctioned Budget allotments.

(Authority: Board’s letter No. E(W)2014/FU-l/1 dated 30.07.2014, 08.12.2014 and 01.06.2015)


(Second Reprint Edition-2003)


Railway Staff Benefit Fund

Advance Correction Slip No.127.

0) Clause (1) of Rule 805 may be substituted by the following:

In addition to the credits to the Fund detailed in Rule 804, there shall be credited to the fund on the 1st April of each financial year an annual grant from the revenues of the Railway at a per capita rate of Rs.800/- based on the sanctioned strength of non-gazetted Railway employees, permanent and temporary, as on the 31st March, posts charged to capital being excluded. The Fund shall be credited provisionally on the 1st April each year with an amount equal to the contribution for the previous year, the necessary adjustment being made as soon as the correct amount of the contribution has been determined. The distribution of Rs.800/- among different activities will be as under:

S. No Head/activity Allocation(in Rs) Scope
1. Education- Scholarship for Higher
Technical/Professional education for wards of staff in grade pay of
above Rs.2400/- and up to Rs.4200/- @ Rs. 1500/- pm.
For railway wards of employees in grade pay of above
Rs.2400/- and upto Rs.4200/- pursuing higher technical/professional
2. Scholarship for higher technical/professional education of Girl children of staff in grade pay up to Rs.2,400/-@
Rs.1500/- pm
28 Scholarship for pursuing technical/ professional
diploma/degree for girl children of railway employees up to Rs.2400/- in
grade pay
3. Scholarship for higher technical/professional education of  Male children of staff in grade pay up to Rs.2,400/- @ Rs.1500/- pm 100 Scholarship for pursuing technical professional
diploma/degree for male children of railway employees in grade pay up to
4. Women empowerment activities including seminar, training programmes camps, and gender sensitization camps etc. 28 Giving support to creches, arrangements for safety of women railway employees & other initiatives taken by Railways.


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