LDC-UDC Matter & MACP on Promotional Hierarchy in 7th CPC Recommendation: AIAAS(NG) writes to Confederation

Message from Secretary AIAAS(NG) :-

This Association has taken up the LDC/UDC, MACP on Promotional Hierarchy, and other issues related to Administrative Staff with Confederation. Copy of the letter sent to the Secretary General, Confederation is given below: All our LDC/UDC friends are requested to raise the issue in their respective Association to force them to represent the issue to Confederation/JCM Staff Side.

Dated 25/11/2015


Com. M Krishnan,
Secretary General,
Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers,
New Delhi

Dear comrade,

This is in connection with LDC/UDC, MACP on Promotional hierarchy and other issues related to Administrative Staff of Subordinate offices. It is surprising to note that the 7th Pay Commission has turned down the genuine issue of LDC & UDC on the ground that the government has stopped direct recruitment for the clerical cadre and gradually phasing out the existing incumbents. If this is true, it is a matter of great concern that the Government has chosen to take a unilateral decision on an important policy matter without consulting the Staff side. The reason given for rejection of the demand is not convincing.
Besides Confederation/Staff Side JCM, several Departments had recommended upgradation of grade pay of LDC & UDC of Administrative Offices especially the LDC & UDCs of subordinate offices of Government of India.
Extracts of the Pay Commission comments on the matter is given below:
By analyzing the demand of SVP, National Police Academy under Para 11.22.100 the Commission has said “This issue has been dealt in Chapter 7.7. Recommendations made there would apply in this case also”
As against the demand of Directorate of Printing under Para 11.52.32 Commission maintained that “posts like LDC, UDC, Accountant are common to a number of ministries/ departments. Recommendations regarding their pay are contained in Chapter 7.7 and Chapter 11.35.”
But, in Chapter 7.7, deals common category, no recommendation for LDC/UDC is given.
However by recording disagreement to increase promotional quota of MTS to LDC under Para 7.7.37 & 11.35.28 Commission has said that “government has already stopped direct recruitment for the clerical cadre and gradually phasing out the existing incumbents, this demand cannot be accepted.”
But the fact is that Staff Selection Commission is frequently conducting recruitment for the post of LDC. Combined higher secondary examination for the selection of LDC also has been conducted recently. Moreover, no alternative recommendation to replace the LDC post is given in the report.  It is to be noted that the normal ratio of LDC and UDC in subordinate offices is 5:2 and thus LDCs have been allocated responsible sections and in many smaller offices LDC alone is handling the work of entire Administration. 
On the other hand rejecting Central Secretariat Clerical service demand for parity with DEO, the commission observes “Even though the entry requirements are similar, historically the pay scales of the two posts have been different. Besides, they comprise two distinct cadres with different set of roles and responsibilities. Hence, the demand for parity of pay of LDC with DEOs cannot be acceded to by the Commission.”(Para 11.35.38).
Historically these cadres may be different set of roles but the fact is that functions of LDC are more complex than that of DEO and same was brought before the commission by various Associations/Administrative Authorities. Earlier pay Commissions have fixed Pay Scale to DEO considering their work on computer. But today LDCs are selected on the basis of their expertise in computer operation also.
By concluding the LDC issue, I give hereunder two comments among the dozens of comments/e-mail received us on the subject. This signifies the sufferings of LDCs in subordinate offices.
(1)      I am really disappointed with the decision of 7th CPC, I was hoping that I would get atleast GP 2400 as per their calculation, they don’t even think about lower classMyself Ashutosh, LDC and I am appointed on 2012, 3000 KM far from my house and from last 2 years I am doing the work of cashier along with all the work of Income Tax and budget, apart from me 4 more LDC’s are working here instead of UDC’s and they are the backbone of their branch but as per 7th CPC words we are not having as much responsible work they think LDC’s are recruits only for “dispatch” and “typing” which is not true. 
I request to them, sir please come and see how much responsibility we have and what we are getting, 
(2)      I am s murugan LDC, handling with pay bills, income tax, TDS and what are related to taxable income such as LTC encashment, final bills, HRA claim and etc…
In 7th Cpc report every where it is stated that this is dealt with chapter 7.7 and 11.35. But, there are no clear instructions for clerical.
The major error is clerical cadre is not included in common categories (chapter 7).
II         Grant of MACP on Promotional Hierarchy:
            Even though the Confederation has clarified that the Commission has recommended MACP on promotional hierarchy, the report of the Commission is confusing and contradictory. Para 5.1.44 reads in the new Pay matrix, the employees will move to the immediate next level in the hierarchy. This can be interpreted as fixation in the same principle as that for a regular promotion. But Para 11.52.45 is contradictory.
III        The Grade Pay of  Assistants/Stenographers of Central Secretariat is brought down to Rs. 4200 from the existing Rs. 4600 and NFSG granted to the UDCs of Central Secretariat has been withdrawn thereby the demand for parity with the Grade Pay of Assistant/UDC of Central Secretariat is turned down.  
Comrades, Government is bent upon to contractorise all the Administrative posts below the post of Assistants. The demand for merger of Grade Pay of LDC & UDC and upgradation to Rs. 2800, as recommended by the staff side is genuine in accordance with duties assigned. Confederation/JCM (Staff Side) is requested to please help LDC/UDC and other Administrative Staff of subordinate Offices to resolve these genuine issues.

Yours fraternally

TKR Pillai
General Secretary

Source: http://aiamshq.blogspot.in/2015/11/this-association-has-taken-upthe-ldcudc.html
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  • anant kumar dewangan 8 years ago

    The Shocking fact of Pay hike recommended by 7th Pay Commission
    Pay commission said 14.29 % Hike in Pay is recommended, Media said central government employees will get 23.55% hike in salary including allowances. [See: How 23.55% of hike in Pay and Allowances arrived from 7th Pay Commission recommendation]

    we will find out the real fact about the so called Bonanza..!

    whether the Media claims are true or not through a simple calculation…!

    The strength of Group C employees in Central Government is 85%. So we must know what the Pay Hike is recommended for them actually.

    But Media give more attention to this 15 % because they have been paid more

    It doesn't make sense that the Pay hike recommended for remaining 15 % taken into account. Because they are creamy layer of the Government. The Pay Hike for them also will be decided by them. So the take extar care for not giving more to this 85%.

    7th CPC recommendation on Pay Hike is mocking rather than encouraging the Central government employees. See the following example

    Assume a govt servant has been appointed in GP 1800 on 1st August of 2015 and he has been provided accomadation in Govt Quarters

    His Net Pay for the month of January 2016 in Sixth CPC is given below..

    Basic Pay Pay = PB Rs.5200 + GP Rs.1800 = Rs.7000/-

    Assuming DA 125% as on 31-1-2016 = Rs.8750/

    ( Since he hs availed Quarter) HRA = Nil

    TA = 600 + DA = Rs.1350

    Total Gross Pay = Rs. 17100


    NPS 10% of basic Pay = 70

    CGEGIS = 30

    Total deductions (700+30) = 730
    Net Pay = 17100-730 = 16370

    His Revised 7th CPC Pay as on 31-1-2016

    Minimum Basic Pay = Rs. 18000/-

    DA = Nil
    HRA = Nil
    TA = Rs. 1350

    Total gross pay = Rs.19350


    NPS = 1800

    CGEGIS = 1500

    Total deductions = 3300

    Net Pay -= 19350-3300 = 16050

    Before 7th Pay Commission his Net pay = Rs. 16370
    After 7th Pay commission his Net Pay = Rs. 16050

    He will be drawing Rs.320 lesser in 7th Pay Commission revised Pay than from his Sixth CPC pay

    Anybody acn calculate from the above example that how much percentage of increase this Goup ‘C’ Government servants get from this 7th CPC bonanza ?

  • Ignatius Jeyakumar 8 years ago

    7 CPC and the present govt. try to belittle the service and deface the prestige of govt. employees by not revising 3.5 times pay hike as the previous 6 Pay Commissions. Our protest should be in the form of burning of 7 CPC Report in all the Indian Cities Simultaneously to draw the attention of Govt. and People of India.Equity, Fairness and Social Justice is denied to Clerical Cadre when Retired Justices are made as CPC Chairmen ? Govt. should appoint 1 Sitting Judge to revise minimum Salary
    as 3.5 times of Basic Pay instead of 2.57 times.